Zhou Xiaochuan and Yi Gang will take part in the 2016 fall IMF Annual Meeting face gossip

Zhou Xiaochuan and Yi Gang will participate in the 2016 autumn IMF annual meeting of Sina Financial News   2016 IMF and the world bank’s autumn annual meeting will be held on October 3-9 in Washington, dc. The meeting will discuss the world economic situation, global development strategies, national economic hot spots, as well as the RMB to join the SDR and other topics. At present, the Chinese guests have been identified, including the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, deputy governor Yi gang. In addition, finance minister Lou Jiwei and vice minister Zhu Guangyao will also be present during the meeting, but do not participate in public discussion. In IMF’s latest economic report, international trade has slowed in the past six months, and lower inflation has put the market in a loss of confidence in the central bank’s inflation target. IMF specific analysis in the report pointed out: "the tendency of international trade protection is becoming more and more serious, since 2012, the slow recovery of international economic development, resulting in a substantial reduction in trade." International investors’ confidence in central banks against inflation is falling. If the central bank is unable to quickly boost inflation, consolidate easing, global cooperation, then the developed economies in the future or face a surge in unemployment. If trade liberalization is not supported by national policies, international trade and Commerce will be affected and stagnant, which will seriously damage the global economic development, IMF warned. Countries and international organizations need to proceed immediately to reform the current situation of trade slowdown, to prevent the rise in unemployment caused by low inflation and the economic plight of international debt accumulation. It is necessary to the collaboration of the IMF in this report: economies have spillover effects, low inflation can import and export price is conducted, which shows that among the big economies cooperation and boost demand is valuable. Then, Yi Gang will be discussed in October 6th 12 at noon EST CNN to participate in global economic issues, Zhou Xiaochuan will be 7 at 11 noon at the financial risk management seminar. (Feng Hao from the bottom of New York) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: