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Zhang Chao "westward journey 3" hit and new Tokyo Film Festival – Sohu Zhang Chao entertainment "westward journey 3" stills entertainment Sohu directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yao starred in the movie "Westward Journey" national film is 3. This "big" series finale since the release of the network discussion and the box office are very high, as the big data released in the same period in the film list. In a corner of the film starred "demon" Zhang Chao, also in the release of the film because of its great contrast and appearance, the full power of the performance gain a lot of audience praise, thankfully, he starred in the movie "no problem" for the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival main competition, and other the 15 film for "gold kylin" award, described as "Double Happiness" rimmon. This is not the "westward journey 3" the box office continued to increase, but the reputation was mixed, some netizens said "we are not about", some netizens also said "try to have more may be a way to pay tribute to the classic." Big horn Zhang Chao in the film plays the devil head, a suit of armour collocation dark red cloak, full power and prestige, the last bull let cattle eat their own Xiangxiang sister play so many audience tears. Many viewers after the release of the film a few days to play this role and the life of the fine features of the handsome Zhang Chao on the number, the contrast of the big, can be imagined. Zhang Chao himself behind the scenes interview clips also said this is the first try, nervous and happy, but also broke the scenes in the special effects makeup, actor behind the scenes during the filming of the face mixed with dirt and plasma face, it is hard to put his life and the yuppie love rock young people together sure, I believe the audience of "cow devil" this role is to move forward in the way the actors best Zhang Chao certainly. Zhang Chao’s other film, not a problem, also recently broke into the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival this year, the main competition unit to compete for the Golden Unicorn award. This year, a total of 16 films in the world are listed in the main competition unit, including the Chinese film of the 2, one is Louis Koo starring "peeling dad", the other is "no problem". This film by Wei Fan, Tao Yin, Zhang Chao, starring Wang Zitong, is the director won the best screenplay award of the sixty-second Cannes International Film Festival ("spring fever") of the Mei Feng, the film adapted from Lao she published in 1943 in the short novel of the same name, many users see this message also said is the mutation style of Zhang Chao’s turn." Look forward to the wonderful performance can at the same time in the "westward journey 3" and "no problem" so completely different style of the films of Zhang Chao, in the upcoming Film Festival get better grade, also can bring more excellent works for the audience.   相关的主题文章: