Yong Yong, deputy mayor of Shanghai City, former deputy general manager of the company’s investment 4000dy

Ying Yong Ren executive vice mayor of Shanghai City, the former general manager of Beijing Tu Ren in the investment company Chinese Economic Net Shanghai September 19th report (Peng Bo) recently, the Shanghai municipal government website "the mayor and vice mayor of work division column is updated according to the latest list shows, Ying Yong has been appointed deputy mayor of Shanghai municipal government. According to Chinese Economic Net local party leaders library information, should be brave, born in November 1957, served as president of the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court, duties of the Shanghai Municipal Higher People’s court, in April 2013, Shanghai Municipal Committee of ministers, and in June 2014 he was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal committee. 14 this month, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the thirty-second meeting of the Standing Committee decided to be appointed deputy mayor of Shanghai. According to Chinese Economic Net reported earlier, former deputy mayor of Shanghai city in June this year, Mr. Tu has been appointed general manager of China Investment Corp. Yong Yong Yong Yong, male, born in November 1957, Han nationality, Zhejiang, Xianju, joined the Communist Party of China in April 1979, 12 in 1976 to participate in the work of graduate students, master of law, the national judge of the two. 1976.12 – 1977.04 Chengjiang Zhejiang County of Huangyan Province Industrial and commercial administration clerk 1977.04 – 1982.05 Chengjiang Huangyan County Police clerk, deputy director of the 1982.05 – 1983.06 Huangyan County Chengguan town Party committee, deputy secretary of the town police station 1983.06, 1983.11 Huangyan County Chengguan town Party committee and mayor of 1983.11 — 1984.09 administrative office of Taizhou public security department deputy director and Party (Deputy Secretary of the 1984.09 Committee) – 1986.07 China University of Political Science and Law law specialized learning 1986.07 – 1992.01 Taizhou area of Zhejiang Province, director of the administrative office of police department (Party committee) secretary of the 1992.01 – 1992.03 Taizhou prefectural committee, party secretary, director of the administrative Office of Police Department 1992.03 – 1992.08 Taizhou prefectural committee, committee secretary, party secretary, director of the administrative office of Police Department 1992.08 – 1993.04 Shaoxing City The Standing Committee of the Commission, the Secretary of the Party committee, the Municipal Public Security Bureau 1993.04 – 1995.05 Shaoxing Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, municipal security committee director, director of the City Commission, city public security bureau Party Secretary 1995.05 – 1999.04, deputy director of Zhejiang provincial public security bureau Party committee, provincial office director (during: 1995.12–1997.06 study, University of Hangzhou law professional master’s degree of law; 1997.04–1998.12 participated in the provincial education legal profession self learning) 1999.04 – 2003.07, deputy secretary of Zhejiang province public security bureau Party committee deputy director (department level), the provincial director of unodc.相关的主题文章: