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[Xinluo] you big coffee crazy shopping spree! I just want to drink in the sky garden – I am Mamali tourism Sohu, pay attention to travel for a long time Mamali. Column: [city] find recommended language explore the mystery as the size of the city [Live] a hotel with the "reward" the attitude of the hotel [public space] see the "public" Museum [] and diners say two or three things on the delicacy [] Raiders purely practical good share [story] dry cargo travel that little journey "thing" [Mamali travel journal] talk about my journey of love the way you were so popular western style guards moreish duty-free shops in Xinluo to go to Korea simply can not go to the duty-free shops. With Miss LILY, before starting vowed to tell me "I really don’t want to buy what special". As a matter of fact, she went all the way to the duty-free shop and got mad… Only to hear the brush brush money and credit card number, not long, is a full 6 bags!! The guy who doesn’t buy it doesn’t stop. So, all over the world, women are the same, which do not love shopping. Moreover, in August, despite the scorching sun outside, a cool cool duty-free shops, a variety of small fresh dress, let your heart cool. Next, the United States and the United States and the United States and the love of travel to take advantage of the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival, ah, ah, this is not a very easy holiday to go out to buy buy it. So the question is: what to buy? What is cheap? How to buy? All these problems, there is always a person that give you break with both hands pulling and pushing, Mamali not miss is worth purchasing purchasing, with South Korea been to N+ times the shopping experience, and especially at the duty-free shopping experience, to spread some scheming small Raiders… First,… You must register online to Xinluo duty-free shop it may have been to South Korea’s friends all know, people buy things that are in the box to the count, every holiday is very crowded and feel Korean just do not like money. Therefore, the site experience may be slightly busy. If you need to buy a lot of things, it is recommended to go ahead, to avoid the peak flow! Of course, if you do not want to buy the stuff you want, then go to Xinluo duty-free shop online! Xinluo online duty-free shops all angles for the majority of visitors to Xinluo China duty-free information the latest information and offers more convenience China tourists, rich and colorful activities will bring together online in Xinluo duty-free shops (directly in the browser address bar enter the "Xinluo network on the duty-free shop"), the customer can advance before shopping log in and enjoy a variety of preferential and convenient information. Secondly, go to the store to shop must be stable, the shop is very busy, dumping a duty-free shop in Seoul to see their own map… So a lot of people say that in Korea duty-free shops to buy things, like the fight, like, do not underestimate the purchasing power of people. Shopping in the new home, you can enjoy the corresponding membership discount; participate in the activities in the online download integral duty-free shops can be deductible up to 30% of the purchase price; in the store, if you use the bank card payment.相关的主题文章: