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Travel-and-Leisure Over the last several years, a new trend has been emerging in the Ontario resort and tourism industry. Adventure tourism is growing in leaps and bounds where adventure tourists .e to an area specifically to take part in a particular event, activity, or experience. In the past, vacationers were content to just sit back and live the cottage lifestyle offered by the many small to mid-size resort and cottage resort properties that dominate Ontario’s vacation resort industry. However, today’s vacationer is looking for unique experiences to add to their Ontario getaway. In the Haliburton Highlands tourist region of Ontario, guided adventure tours of Haliburton’s extensive wilderness trail systems on ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles), snowmobiles, and Military H-1 Hummers are creating quite a buzz. Specifically, all-inclusive custom adventures that offer a variety of trails and excursion methods that are designed to appeal to beginners and experts alike are gaining ground. Another concept that adventurers seek is tourism tours that partner with area restaurants and resorts. This makes for a great adventure getaway for individuals, couples, families, or even organizations looking for corporate team building sessions. With some of these outdoor adventure tours guests can find everything from ATV and Hummer rentals to fully guided tours and overnight safaris–where guests are fully outfitted to enjoy the Haliburton wilderness. As adventure tourism is gaining momentum in the beautiful region of Haliburton and Muskoka, people are heading out of the city and beginning to explore all of the natural attractions that Ontario has to offer on an all terrain vehicle. Additionally, the .bination of Haliburton’s rugged terrain and scenic natural wilderness make the region an ideal location for guided ATV and Hummer trail adventures, ATV rentals, and even winter tours on snowmobiles. Regardless of the season, adventurers have a great opportunity to take part in outdoor recreation activities throughout Ontario. Furthermore, adventure tourism has had a significant impact on the local economy by bringing in tourists that may not have otherwise .e. Clients have .e from across Canada and all over the world to experience an outdoor adventure in Ontario’s Canadian Shield. Long regarded as an unspoiled and beautiful wilderness area and a sportsman’s rugged playground paradise, the Haliburton Highlands is slowly gaining prominence as a true adventure tourism destination resort area with world-class attractions and tourist-based activities. Haliburton is home to the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve with its popular tourist attractions such as the Wolf Centre and Walk in the Clouds canopy tour as well as the world-renowned Algonquin Provincial Park with its multitude of tourist-based attractions. Additionally, the Haliburton Highlands have over 1,700 kilometres of outstanding ATV trails that extend into the Muskoka, Kawartha, and Madawaska regions as well as extensive snowmobile and Nordic ski trails. The growth in adventure tourism places the Haliburton Highlands in an especially attractive position, and with the addition of businesses offering popular adventure tourism packages, Haliburton will continue to attract its share of adventure tourist to the area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: