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Health In today s stressful times, you cant help but feel tired once in a while. For some people, its an everyday occurrence. Your body aches and your mind feels overworked. Sometimes, it almost feels like youre tired even before your day begins. So what causes you to always be tired? There are a lot of factors that may cause you to always be tired. Big or small, they contribute a lot to stress and fatigue. 1) Clutter You might not realize it, but seeing clutter everyday drains you of your energy and makes you feel stressed. Your outer surroundings also reflect your inner self. You know what to do. Be more .anized. 2) Routine If youre tired all the time, that is already a routine. What causes you to always be tired as a result of routine? Well, seeing the same old people, going to the same old places These routines can drain your zest for life. So break the routine. If you always go straight home, try stopping by that nice bakery and buy yourself a bagel. 3) Lack of sleep If youre not getting enough hours of sleep, then you will most likely feel tired all the time. Some people need 8 hours of sleep (or more) to have sufficient energy throughout the day, but some only need around 6 hours or less. The key is to observe your normal sleeping patterns, and find out for yourself the ideal number of hours of sleep that gives you optimum energy for the day. Even if you say that youre used to burning the midnight oil, that doesnt mean youre exempted from experiencing stress and fatigue. 4) Dehydration. Water keeps your body renewed and refreshed. Lack of water cuts off your bodys potential to do better. Having an active job requires you to drink even more water to replenish what you lost. Soda and coffee dont count either. 5) Lack of exercise. Youre probably wondering how lack of exercise can make you feel tired all the time. The truth is, exercise makes you fit. This doesnt mean that you only get to look good. You also get to feel good as well. Youll have more flexibility. And you know what? After exercising, running or jogging for a few kilometers doesnt kill you anymore. In a way, your body is being conditioned. So what causes you to always be tired? Youve probably already figured out they these are usually normal, everyday things you dont even think twice of. Now that youre aware of them, its time you change your lifestyle and live a dynamic life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: