Trump daughter even overshadowed the limelight! tokyo hot n0476

Trump daughter even overshadowed the limelight! Fry raise a Babel of criticism of presidential election of the United States finally "wrong"! Whether or not you are concerned about the United States election news, this you must have heard the name of Trump. Although Hilary look but this way to figth, no small old man in life, but in the words of each link in the war but praise praised the Trump children. But in the folk, Trump children even overshadowed his own limelight! Where is the justice? Why? Click to play GIF 406K Trump is a "spirit of entertainment" full presidential candidate, who is known as "the history of the most funny than the presidential election this year," let the climax, catch the horse continuously. His cool hairstyle, wonderful speech, the way a spray brush there is a sense of magic…… Once thought to be a joke. Although a lot of money, or in a variety of occasions, wealth can not stop! He even his own family will come up with ridicule, for example, said publicly that if my daughter is not my daughter, then I must ask her". Click to play GIF 199K talk variety show for his crazy speech often he also said "God restored my daughter is really beautiful, if my marriage ran aground, and not his father’s words, so… You know…" Trump are like this, don’t brag? The truth is that even his opponent, Hilary, said: "I respect Trump’s children, his children with incredible ability to put into his father’s election. Although I don’t like almost all Narikawa Pu said and done things, but at this point I respect Trump to teach their children well. As a mother and grandmother, this is very important." What is the existence of these two people who are full of praise? The baby daughter of his legendary pa – Ivanka · Trump Ivanka Trump. With a net worth of billions of telephone charges have to earn their first to see the photos, you will be her beauty, temperament conquer. But the first reaction of normal human heart is like a dad, I’m afraid the Prodigal Daughter spend money like water "and so on. But in fact, she is not only big chest Yan is good, is a brain from the template. Compared to his father’s outspoken, Ivanka know how to avoid sensitive political topics, her father questioned response to refined and cultured, and try to Trump funny remarks to minimize harm. The Trump wife don’t love social, so almost all occasions are the daughter accompany dad walk, so that foreign media said the Ivanka cannot do without Trump campaign "woman". Even in September, still spare no effort in running campaign for his father. Ivanka was born in 1981, is Trump and his first wife, the daughter of Ivanna. Ivanna is the nation’s most famous and most popular one of the ladies, with the world’s most prosperous husband to help. There is such a good gene, no wonder Ivanka opened all the way from an early age…… Ivanka Trump inherited mom Ivanna Trump stature hot, high color value of good genes. Many people think that gossip girl Queen S is based on Olivia P"相关的主题文章: