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Happiness Hello again, If you asked someone to name the most important aspects of happiness, what do you think would be the most .mon answers? Lets start with maybe the top three, that should make a little bit easier. For many people a belief in God (or a higher power) is their number one source of happiness. Others who are less inclined towards religion would probably state that their close relationships are their biggest source of happiness, especially those married with children. Even those without children may say a loving relationship would be near the top, which can of course be defined in different ways for different types of people. After all, we all need love, right? After those two biggies that would probably leave finances in the third spot most likely, at least in most polls and studies that Ive seen. Even if you dont care to be rich, you still need a certain level of .fort in order to maintain a level of happiness which lasts any length of time. Im not certain that finances wouldnt be some peoples top choice for happiness, but of course Im trying to base my order on reality and percentages that seem more realistic, not on the basis of a small group of money-hungry individuals. Not that theres anything wrong with that So what .es next on the list? Most studies and polls that Ive read put good health somewhere on that list, and for good reason! No matter how great your relationships are, or how much .fort you have in life, you pretty much have to be at least somewhat healthy to enjoy them, right? Of course there are those that argue that truly enjoying life means not having to limit the food they eat, or amount of liquor they drink, because happiness for them is doing whatever they want for the joy of the moment. I dont try to change the minds of those who express those opinions, I just dont have the time or patience to get through to them! I do admit they have a right to their opinions. As a nation, we are probably known for our tendency to overindulge a bit, especially when it .es to food. Are we the unhealthiest people on the planet? Possibly, quite possibly. Although the jury may be out on that one, we have to admit that were a little lax in this country when it .es to good health. Not everyone of course. There are those that run their marathons, trek faithfully to the gym every day, and have taken up the vegetarian or at least a healthy diet, realizing that we must take care of the only physical container for our spirit we have. Recent polls show that about half of all Americans exercise on a weekly basis or more, which isnt all that great. However, is that all there is to good health? Just exercise a few days a week, and watch our diet so we dont eat too much fattening foods? I really think its more than that, I would go so far as to add these to the list: 1.Get regular checkups they can warn us of any disease before it may be too late 2.Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, most people dont 3.Dont to relax, get a massage, or take up meditation. Stress is a real killer! 4.Get plenty of sleep; many people have problems with this. See your doctor if you cant sleep 5.Have lots of social connections, its great for long-term health 6.Drink plenty of water 7.Dont smoke! Pretty obvious Anyway, these are just a few tips I like to live by. We should all make an effort to live longer, happier lives and I believe that if you are taking good care of your body you are also more likely to be happy. The mind is very much linked to the body, so if one is out of balance it isnt very long until it affects the other. So do yourself a favor and take care of both, ok? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: