This is not all in vain play in Guangdong Chaozhou pigeon blood

This is not all in vain to wear Guangdong Chaoshan playing lead: those harborer and Chaozhou greedy delicious, so on the Internet to find, the inventory of some of my favorite Chaoshan delicacy. This is a Amway with everybody, let everyone understand that in addition to Chaoshan beef meatball in the Chaozhou Shantou, there are so many delicious to taste etc.! (source: mafengwo free Author: mafengwo free) number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! All kinds of cakes to Chaoshan people about science: for those who use Rice noodles, flour, potato powder and other processed foods, called "cake". The so-called language Chao Guo, is actually referred to elsewhere including the scope of cake, but it is not only "cake". The "cake" by adding a variety of ingredients derived from all known methods, such as sweet cake, carrot cake, caozai Guo, taro cakes, white cake etc.. Guo, Guo bamboo shoots source network Guo, Chaozhou area is rich in bamboo shoots, named after the bamboo shoots as main raw material. It is also because the main raw material of bamboo cake is spring, so the bamboo cake has a relatively strong seasonal, usually in May and June the cake is the most delicious bamboo shoots. From the small K user mafengwo Chen looks like a salty rice bowl, white and tender, made of rice, this guy called salt cake. From the mafengwo small K skin white users Chen Guo, clip up like jelly, hot dry preserved vegetable stall to flourish in the small hole in the middle, a cake, although the skin is tasteless, but there is a soft and chewy, tenacity, salted and dried preserved vegetable flavor, very whole ride, 5 dollars a eat, must recommend. From the small K user mafengwo Chen Guo Guo is grass grass jelly, is hot, sprinkle sugar can eat, the taste is not good, but the original taste slightly bitter, compared with various additives, we usually have to think about it, I feel very good. From the mafengwo small K Zhi Guo Zhi Chen user is Chaoshan unique cake cake, because adding mashed Gardenia juice was brown, dipped in sugar to eat, bitter and sweet, but also can help digestion, increase appetite. Chaoshan housewives like to use the yarn pulling into small pieces, put in the white porcelain, white sugar dipped in sweet and refreshing, cool sticky food, throat thirst, full of childhood memories of Chaoshan children. Source network source network flat noodles rice noodles beef offal to determine the quality of beef offal 3, freshness and taste of rice noodles soup, beef offal. A bowl of delicious soup not only strong drink up happy, but also have been tasteless rice noodles add a layer of flavor, the fresh beef offal after treatment, without any smell, without losing its beef flavor, rice noodles are soft and pliable entrance, at this time, the unique South ginger flavor is the fragrance again rise to a level. From the user K from small mafengwo Chen mafengwo users Chen small K Chaozhou Spring rolls with a crisp called Hu Rongquan’s most famous time-honored, sophisticated materials, ingredients of green bean, with seasonal fresh vegetables, pork, small shrimp, letinous edodes silk seasoning, collocation is not fixed. Hu Rongquan’s Spring rolls is on "the tongue", has its originality. Skin.相关的主题文章: