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Health Tea is by and large the most consumed beverage in the whole world. The legend goes that tea was discovered by chance when a few leaves fell into the hot cup of water of a monk which was used for prayers. The monk, after finishing the prayers, drank the water with the fallen tea leaves, and enjoyed their flavor very much. This is how the goodness of nature’s tea has become part and parcel of our lives today. The Medical Applications of Nature’s Tea There are many ways to drink tea and there are many reasons for which it is consumed. Some of the common reasons are as follows: 1. De-stressing with nature’s tea – one of the most common reasons for drinking tea is that it de-stresses both the mind and body. It was found that tea is indeed a high-level relaxant when drank in the evening. It is simply great to have a hot cup of tea when you are tired and sleepy. Just one cup of hot nature’s tea can make one feel like new. 2. Medicinal aspects of nature’s tea there are many types of tea which bring relief to body ache, to tooth ache, and headache (and many other aches and ailments). There are many herbs that are taken in the form of tea. These are consumed as medicines by the herbal enthusiasts with great results. Besides, the fact that medicinal tea is indeed a powerful way to cure a lot of ailments, it is also very pleasurable in most cases. 3. Meditation aspects of nature’s tea in Japan and China serving and drinking tea are associated with meditation as well. These ancient civilizations have an age old custom of serving tea ceremony at which a special green tea is made and offered. During this ceremony there is a lot introspection and meditation taking place after which the both and mind feel totally cleansed. There are many ways people drink tea. There is the tea that is enjoyed with milk, and the tea that is drank without; there is a green tea, hot tea and iced tea whichever way you drink it, you will find that tea is a wonderful concoction which along with benefits brings along a lot of pleasure. The above mentioned are only a few of the direct benefits of tea. This is why tea is on the priority list of more and more people who are becoming health conscious and want to stay way from coffee. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: