The villagers of Mianyang cattle by wasp sting harvest season anti bee (map) (video) iptd-651

The villagers of Mianyang cattle by wasp sting harvest season "anti bee" (map) in October 17th, who lives in an Jia Zhen Zi Yan Cun Yang Fengqiong, Yanting County farmers in cattle on the way, he was a roadside litter wasp sting, after being injured in critical condition, was sent to the central hospital. Today, live in Mianyang (micro-blog) reporter contacted Yang Fengqiong’s husband, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Zhao told reporters, 17 PM, Yang Fengqiong as usual to cattle, cattle grazing did not want to touch in the process of a hornet’s nest in the trees, disturbed the wasp flew out of Yang Fengqiong’s cattle group attack immediately, Yang Fengqiong the cattle were stung by fear, rushed to the cattle, accidentally at sting, the afternoon will athymia, after the rescue after transferred to the Central Hospital of Yanting People’s Hospital. According to Yang Fengqiong’s doctor, Yang Fengqiong was stung all over more than and 30, when the hospital who has been in a coma, but fortunately the rescue in time, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. At present, Yang Fengqiong has been basically out of danger, but a number of organ damage, especially kidney failure occurs, but also the need for further treatment. Xiaobian remind the general public, the fall of the wasp in the breeding season, particularly sensitive to disturb, aggressive strong, coupled with the autumn farming season, more prone to attack. So in life, how can we prevent bees? In fact, the wasp sting is the instinct of self-defense, as long as far away from the hive, generally do not disturb them; if people should choose the initiative to close the hornet, squat or motionless, they will not take the initiative to attack, don’t be afraid to play to play, so accelerate the air flow, the result can only be attacked; if not beware of being stung, should be in the wound coated with some ammonia, baking soda water or soapy water, if there is dizziness, headache, vomiting and other symptoms, should be timely to the hospital for medical treatment. (reporter: Zhou Qiang Beichuan (micro-blog) Taiwan) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for further reading the controversial "Red Net" Chongqing: webcast from cellular multiple stings in the hospital相关的主题文章: