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The wedding party or bridal party may include brides, grooms, maids of honor, bridesmaid, a best man, groomsmen or ushers, page boys, flower girls, and ring bearers. The bride is the lady who is going to be married. The groom or bridegroom is the man who will be married. One of the oldest traditions is who pays for what. For example the most well known tradition is that the brides father pays for the wedding. The grooms family would buy the brides wedding ring. In days of equality, and changes in our society, the couple often pay their own way with a little help from both sides if they are lucky. One of the most exciting parts of the wedding for the bride is the wedding dress. In the western world the bride usually wears something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue during the ceremony. A grooms wedding outift is usually a formal suit and servicemen may marry in their military uniform. A formal suit may be a morning suit for the ceremony followed by a tux in the evening. Usually the bridesmaids are young women and who are close friends or sisters. Bridesmaids attend to the bride on the day of the wedding ceremony and helps with some parts of organizing. The principal bridesmaid is known as the Matron of Honor if she is married or chief bridesmaid if she is unmarried. The Matron of Honor is the female equivalent of the best man and has a whole host of duties. They usually include duties at the wedding ceremony, such as acting as an official witness to the marriage, organization of the wedding itself and the invitations, organize the hen party, also known as a bachelorette party, offering help and support, helping to choose the dress, even tidying up after the reception. Its usually a case of helping with whatever the bride asks of her. A groomsman or usher is one of the male attendants to the bridegroom in a wedding ceremony. The term groomsman is more .mon in the United States, and usher is more .mon in the UK. Usually the bridegroom selects his closest friends and relatives and it is considered an honor. One of the groomsmen will be best man. The duties of the groomsmen are to help guests find their places before the ceremony and to participate in the wedding ceremony ensuring that everyone is .fortable. Ushers should have good social skills, and be able to mingle with ease. The best mans duties may include the following: 1..anising the Stag Night or Bachelor party 2. Ensuring that the bridegroom arrives on time, sober, and dressed properly to the wedding venue. 3. Issuing of buttonholes and Orders of Service. 4. Keeping wedding rings safe and secure and presenting them to the vicar or priest when required at the service. 5. Witnessing the signing of the register. 6. .anisation of the Groomsmen and Ushers. 7. Church fees paid on behalf of the groom. 8. Escorting the matron of honor or chief bridesmaid down the church aisle. 9. Arranging transport from the ceremony to the reception and sometimes decoration of the wedding car. 10. To make Best man speach at the reception. 11. Arranging to have the wedding presents collected. 12. The old tradition of the first dance with the chief bridesmaid. 13. .anizing clothing and changing areas for the bride and groom at reception and if required for honeymoon departure. A flower girl is a participant in the procession. The flower girl walks in front of the bride during an entrance processional. She may spread flower petals on the floor before the bride or carry a bouquet of flowers. After the ceremony she may choose to stand with the other member of the wedding party at the alter or go back to sit with her parents. Usually this depends on her age. If the bride and groom choose, they may have more than one flower girl, particularly if the bride has several young relatives and does not want to leave any of the girls out. The flower girls male equivalent is the page boy who is a young male attendant at the wedding ceremony. The page boy usually carries the brides train. Again there may be more than one page boy. Ring bearers are usually between 4 and 10 years of age and may be male or female.If the couple have had children before marriage, then one of their own children may be the ring bearer. It is respectful for the happy couple to show thanks and appreciation to the wedding party by presenting each person with a thank you gift. Parents of the bride and groom are usually given a gift too. Traditional gifts for the male party are pocket watches and tankards whilst the females are given trinket boxes, crystal or glass keepsakes. Wedding gifts are even more special when they are personalized with the receiver’s name, role, alongside date and location of church. 相关的主题文章: