The Syria female warrior resembles Angelina, who killed her Isis bomb y580

The Syria female soldiers like Angelina ISIS detonated bomb killed her "Curd Angelina Julie" said the female Andaer original title: Syria beauty soldiers looks exactly like Angelina comprehensive foreign media reports, known as the "Curd Angelina Julie" (Asia Ramazan Antar servicewoman Antal) on Wednesday against ISIS has been killed fighting in. Because of its appearance looks like Hollywood actress Angelina – Julie, is known as the Kurdish – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – is called "the Kurdish – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -". She is a member of Syria’s Kurdish women’s protection unit (Women’s Protection Units), a group of Kurdish women who fight ISIS in Turkey and Syria. According to foreign media reported in detail, this named Antares heroine, and other female soldiers stationed near the town of Alan Leah and the Turkey border between this sub village. The time of the incident, three Islamic country car bomber drove straight to their troops in front, Antares and other female detonated two car bombs, but the third bomb explosion at her side, she died on the spot. Because of the appearance of Angelina looks like Angelina Julie, the western media called Kurdish – Julie". Although the female troops dissatisfaction with Western media value only Antar appearance rather than her achievements, but they accept the title of Antar, believes Angelina Julie like her beautiful, and care for others. Join the team Andaer female two years ago, she was convinced that the detachment of the Middle East women by men under the control of liberation, she often said that the fight against the Islamic state is fighting against evil, to create a better life. Antal was born in Syria in the northern city of qamishli in 1996, 20 years old this year, in 2014 to join the Kurdish women protection unit". According to reports, before the sacrifice of the fall, participated in a number of key battle against ISIS.相关的主题文章: