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The sun orange temperature protection for billions of volunteer Escort – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, September 24th, the fifth session of the Chinese charity project exchange exhibition during the first national meeting of members of sunshine insurance services in China private voluntary alliance to "40 China civil volunteer service alliance organization donated 20 thousand copies sunshine volunteers care plan insurance card. Let the volunteers more comfortable into volunteer service. It is reported that the 20 thousand volunteers will China insurance for children’s culture and art foundation girls protection foundation of Guizhou Province, a federation of voluntary service, Guiyang Red Cross Volunteers Association, one fund a total of 40 institutions to carry out poverty relief, disaster relief, environmental protection and other fields, the student volunteer service. Sunshine insurance group relevant responsible person said, the volunteer force of philanthropy. Sunshine insurance has been highly concerned about the safety of volunteers, using their own advantages of the industry, as early as 2011 on the launch of the exclusive accident insurance, for this special group of volunteers – "sunshine volunteer care plan" insurance, establish long-term mechanism of volunteer insurance. As a public welfare undertakings of the insurance companies, the sun has always maintained a love of the community, to the world oath, I am a ray of sunshine, warm the whole world". The company relies on Beijing sunshine insurance love foundation and sunshine insurance Youth Volunteer Association, the two public platform, focus on health, education, the direction of the two major public interest, the continuous release of the sun care force. Over the past 11 years, in the public welfare undertakings invested more than 110 million yuan. Chinese civil Volunteer Service Alliance launched the unit responsible person Wang Zhongping on behalf of 40 donated voluntary agencies to express gratitude to the sun. The insurance will be distributed to volunteers by the organization of volunteer groups, to protect the safety of volunteers in the service period, so that volunteers do not worry. It is reported that China private voluntary service alliance and Ze Yi volunteer service center with one fund 20 agencies jointly launched the first national folk Chinese volunteer service alliance network, currently nearly 200 members of the unit. The alliance is committed to build a national platform for the supply and demand of docking services to enhance the level of social organization and management of volunteers and the ability to foster and promote voluntary service culture.相关的主题文章: