The procuratorial Daily movie Hundred Flowers Award, really so shady

The procuratorial Daily: movie Hundred Flowers Award, really so "shady" do this to procuratorial daily (the Li Shuming) through the weekend, CCTV movie channel to watch the whole movie award site selection and award. Most of the film seen, some awards and their anticipation, I will return this because of their appreciation level limited; soon see some professionals such as Tucao, screenwriter Wang Hailin said "use a lot of paper for her lines guobuleguan dubbing actors can be selected, not very serious, but it still belongs to the Different people, different views. category. However, the last two days of media reports about the awards "shady" but let me realize that problems may be far from "different people, different criteria for judging art" so simple. A scene in the post "direct award judges self disclosure of the many" shady "shady", media reports began. September 27th "Shenyang Evening Post" the latest news, "the netizen broke micro-blog deleted, his true identity has not yet been confirmed". Micro-blog said the injustice provokes outcry, in truth, because under some pressure will remove micro-blog, this thing a lot, so in reality, the parties to remove micro-blog, does not mean that is not necessarily true before the bid. The fact that some of the details of the description was confirmed, so that it has a certain degree of credibility. For example, said: "the organization of the leadership of the general assembly to tell us to award equally, to the late winner to tell us if the show live scene, not good-looking, and told us a complete list of guests, but they do not affect our vote." According to the "Shenyang Evening News" reporter check, the award-winning actor, all attended the awards; and no award actor, more than half did not attend. Of course, nor is this a little judgment broke the news is true, but the impartiality of the award, at least doubtful. The "suspect" thing, is to let it go let it ", or a serious investigation to emerge of itself and perish of itself" a truth to the public? I think the answer should be the latter. These years, a variety of selection, including the award, being questioned from time to time, but due to the lack of conclusive evidence, end at the question level. This time, the "judges" broke the news, provided a lot of "dry cargo", also named "pierce Nongbao" provides an opportunity. First look at the "dry cargo" which have it: "ceremony in the morning, we discuss, I just want to say finally winning the male with female with is that we do not consider the first round of elimination, almost all the judges agree…… But leaders repeatedly stressed that we share awards, who to who…… The most ridiculous is the party began, not a few people voted for Li Yifeng, the screen is a big score to get a supporting actor, voted with the woman when I saw a lot of people around the cast of 4, as well as the number of Wang, Chen Yao, 1…… The results of the big screen Wang Zhi only 3 votes, while most people voted for the Chen Yao, only a mere dozen votes…… Back to the awards, someone whispered proposal don’t press the voting machine, we look at the results, almost an entire row of no one point voting machine, the big screen is still 101 of the total number of votes, does this come with me, this award for public review in the end what is the relationship?" Big paragraph quoted broke the news, not because I think it is true, just want to explain, if broke.相关的主题文章: