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The Ming Dynasty Fahai Temple murals "three-dimensional reconstruction" 10 re opened – Sohu culture channel staff in mural scanning photography Wang Zhuxuan Washington (reporter correspondent Wang Xiaoyun Wang Zhuxuan) Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned yesterday, Beijing region as the oldest and best preserved frescoes, Shijingshan Fahai Temple murals in the Ming Dynasty began "technology of rebirth" — using 3D data acquisition technology of matrix murals from August this year, the Fahai Temple murals in the Ming Dynasty digital collection work has been completed, Fahai Temple will be 10 this month, opening up again. Shijingshan is located in the north and south of the model Cuiweishan Fahai Temple, is famous for its main hall of the Ming Dynasty murals. According to reports, Fahai Temple was built in the Ming orthodox four years (1439), the Ming Dynasty temple murals from inside the hall and Dunhuang Yongle Palace, and said the "three big mural art treasures". A total of 10 murals shop, an area of 236.7 square meters, all by the time the court painter carefully drawn, painted the content including ten Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, flying all day maid and so on, whether it is art, drawing method, technique, or historical value, is the Ming Dynasty murals. BYD reporter learned that the Fahai Temple murals in the Ming Dynasty from the data collection began in August this year, the main three-dimensional matrix to collect information through digital murals, the most advanced technological means, mural "stereo reproduction". According to Fahai Temple Cultural Relics Preservation director Pang Xianhui introduction, 2007 Shijingshan District had adopted the way of the authentic collotype mural copying, but limited by technical conditions, some wonderful details are difficult to present authentic murals, and with the passage of time, a copy also appeared the phenomenon of fading. The 3D information acquisition through the matrix of new digital technology for the mural artworks "pictures", making the image appear not only more clear, can also reflect the authentic original stereoscopic mural. "Such as the use of Fahai Temple murals character costumes on the ‘reactor Lek powder’ techniques, painting effect produced by it is three-dimensional, so the details of the future can reproduce in the 3D matrix information." Pang Xianhui said. The collection of difficulties in the murals, the staff took a number of measures to strictly control the construction, to prevent damage to the murals. For example, in a dark environment due to genuine long-term murals, ordinary light will heat, long time irradiation will produce irreversible damage to the murals. Therefore, the acquisition of the use of cold light source, not only to restore the maximum degree of natural light, but not heat, a good protection of the murals. At the same time, the collection process, the staff produced by respiration of carbon dioxide will have an adverse impact on the murals, so the entrance of personnel is also strictly controlled, the number of personnel safety supervision personnel and the Fahai Temple are controlled to a minimum range. In addition, Fahai Temple murals in the shop 10 high 4.5 meters, the longest 11 meters. To the temple hall fan wall after the "elegant and delicate figure" as an example, the area of 20.25 square meters. For details of each collection of murals, the staff in the hall laying level track and install adjustable bracket, repeatedly adjusting the collector angle and lighting, to ensure collection of graphs.相关的主题文章: