The man sold debt and sent stolen car rental return return illegal gun was arrested in

The man sold debt and sent stolen car rental return return illegal guns were arrested – Beijing to repay debt, will rent a car to sell, then directs others to steal back the car. The the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Li Riverside County procuratorate prosecution, recently, Xie Jianjun court to the crime of theft, illegal possession of firearms crimes, decided to implement the four years and six months imprisonment, fined 10 thousand yuan, and ordered restitution to victims of the loss of 50 thousand yuan. In 2013, Xie Jianjun from Guilin, a car rental company to rent a car, because of its arrears 20 thousand yuan can not be returned, then sell the car loan repayment. After Xie Jianjun found Yu a, with the price of 62 thousand yuan to sell a car, Yu Xie Jianjun also agreed to help the loan of 20 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan in cash to Xie Jianjun after the car, the two sides agreed the remaining 12 thousand yuan in the vehicle transfer formalities after the one-time payment. In April 6th of that year, Xie Jianjun once again to apply for transfer procedures will be in danger of a vehicle is about to a hotel, then ordered the accomplices Liang Wenhui (already sentenced) with a spare key from a car rental company to cheat to take the car, back to the car rental company, Yu found a stolen car alarm. February 8, 2015, the police arrested Xie Jianjun, and from the body of a homemade pistol, bullets five hair. (Li Huabing)相关的主题文章: