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Home-Improvement Having the perfect mattress isn’t entirely up to the mattress itself. When investing in a quality mattress, it is important to team it with a quality base in order to get the most out of it. Choosing the right bed base will make all the difference. Now, which one to choose? Here is a guide to help you navigate the bed base options on the market. ENSEMBLE VS SLATS Ensemble bases are usually sold with inner spring mattresses. They are upholstered boxes with springs inside and are usually very low to the ground. This inhibits the mattresses ability to ventilate and is known for providing the perfect environment for breeding dust mites. Slat bases are made from a series of flexible timber slats, usually inside a metal frame. They can be adjustable or motorised and offer superior support and ventilation for a .fortable sleep. The adjustable slats can ac.modate changing lifestyles whether you are a growing child or teenager, planning to get pregnant, or they can simply adapt with you as your bodies needs change through the life of the bed. FLEXIBLE SLATS Flexible The flexibility of the timber slats allows them to absorb downward pressure and help the mattress contour around your shape for a personalised, supported sleep. Minimises Pressure Points Flexible slat bases are designed to alleviate back pressure and pain that is caused by sleep systems that are too firm or too soft. Air Flow The gaps between each slat and the nature of it being elevated off the floor, allows for ventilation around the mattress. This is important in maintaining a .fortable sleeping temperature. Eliminates Dust mites Choosing a slat base over an ensemble base means you are eliminating a large environment that dust mites and allergens inhabited, thereby reducing adverse reactions for those who suffer allergies. Minimal Partner Disturbance Flexible slat bases are designed with two sets of slats and a central support bar, the advantage of this is when two people share the bed, they are not sharing the same slats, they have their own set, and movements on one side will not carry through to the other side. This results in minimal partner disturbance through the night, and differs to many ensemble style bases where the springs or coils are connected and movements can reverberate through. ADJUSTABLE SLATS Customisable Adjustable slats have the added benefit of rigidity adjusters which allow you to vary the tension over your back area independently of your partner. This feature is great when each partner has different preferences for firm or soft, or different requirements due to varying body weights. Changing Lifestyles The ability to adjust the tension of the slats makes these perfect for those with changing lifestyles. Whether it is for a woman who is planning to get pregnant, or there is simply the chance that through the course of owning the bed your weight may alter (if you plan on having the bed for 8-10 years this is a likely scenario for many) the slats can adjust to such changes in weight, height and required support. Adjustable support is also idea for growing children or teens, a 12 year old will require very different support when they are 17, although it is often the case that they will have the same bed throughout this period. MOTORISED SLATS Head & Feet Elevation Motorised slats allow you to raise and lower you head and feet using a remote control. These bases are great for people who like to relax in bed while reading and watching TV in a .fortable position. They are also a great option for people who have health concerns and need to be elevated when sleeping or have to spend extended periods of time in bed. Motorised beds have largely been viewed as medical aids, the lifestyle and physical benefits they can bring to people of all ages means people are starting to view then in a new light. Lifestyle Benefits: adjust the head or feet or both for .fortable reading in bed, working in bed, watching TV or movies and so on. Health Benefits: sleeping with your head and feet raised is known to assist with circulation, reduce cramping (via improved circulation), and in some cases reduce snoring by opening up the nasal passage. A motorised bed is also extremely ideal if you are planning parenthood, throughout the pregnancy phase you may adjust the bed to your .fort, and during the nursing stage you can raise and lower the bed with ease. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: