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The haze weather car air filter can maintain common sense for how long? Auto – Sohu these days of continuous haze weather is really bad for us, rising PM2.5 numerical and filled with the mask army really in front of the world, become more confused and unreal. More and more families will prepare an air purifier, a certain period of time will be found on the filter is covered with a thick layer of black material. In fact, there is a similar phenomenon on the car, which has not yet entered the winter in Beijing, November continued to continue after the heating fog and haze weather will make the air more and more worrying. So how long time to replace the air conditioning filter element and air conditioning filter on the role of air purification in the car how much? The old driver talked about the topic right away. We need to know some of the role of the air conditioning filter element, the air conditioning filter is actually equivalent to the car’s "Mask", it can ensure that the filtered air as little as possible into the car. The utility model can filter the solid impurities such as dust, pollen and abrasive particles in the air, and clean the air to the air conditioning pipeline to keep the fresh air environment inside the vehicle. Ensure that the fan and the heater and the instrument panel and other related parts cleaning, the windscreen is not easy atomization. How often to change? But for some owners how long for the air conditioner filter has been a problem for everyone, in fact, the time to replace the air filter mainly depends on the external environment. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle’s air filter maintenance cycle is 10 thousand km or about half a year to be able to, and in the case of fog and haze more serious car, the old driver felt it is best to replace the 3 months. Fog and haze details of the maintenance of fog and haze days, in order to do close doors and windows, while strengthening the car’s internal cycle model is a common method. In haze weather, the owner will be timely air conditioning switch to internal circulation mode, air in the carriage in a closed cycle, to a certain extent can reduce the pollutants into the outside world, at the same time using the internal circulation air conditioning filter itself, can also further reduce the concentration of suspended particles in the car. Daily maintenance to ensure the air filter of the air inside the car at the same time, these practices have increased the work of automotive air conditioning, according to the previous frequency to replace the air filter in the process so the reduced the quality of air purification, the haze period, the owner can like the air purifier as examination room regularly check the air filter, timely cleaning or to replace the air filter. The air filter function is to filter the air, but after a long time use of air conditioning air filter filter can be reduced, then we use the air conditioning system may feel the wind blowing out from the air outlet is not so strong or not so large; in the moist environment, the air filter is easy to mildew breed bacteria, resulting in the use of air conditioning when musty odor or appearance. The air filter also may have activated carbon adsorption and filtration function, long time use of activated carbon will be reduced, so the air conditioning filter would need to be replaced regularly, in the three months to replace once. Old driver summary: remember not to use water to clean, otherwise it will be broken. In addition, some cars are not used.相关的主题文章: