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The government played in the left Jose armed exactly where sacred? Author: Sasha Jose armed Houthi militants in Iran and Hezbollah’s support, once dominated Yemen nearly half of the region, with the regular army and militia about one hundred thousand. Tofu in the (Yemen Army) and Jose armed hand, were defeated, discarded many Saudi aid new weapons. So, where is the armed forces of the holy? Listen to Sasha say. – Jose armed current leader. Yemen’s war has lasted for a hundred years, the unification of North and South Yemen has also been more than 20 years ago, before the split state. There is no real national concept in Yemen. The 33 year reign of the Saleh administration, is also a basket case, can only control thirty percent of the country. Seventy percent of the region in Yemen, all in the control of the local tribes of the more than and 200, especially the Hashid tribe led by the top four tribes. These tribes melee have been several hundred years of history, each other deep grudges. At the same time, there are sectarian differences in Yemen, Shiite and Sunni Yemen accounted for half of each other, independent of each other, which led to a more chaotic domestic form. Yemen local separatist forces innumerable, so it appears in 1992 Jose armed, nobody felt what is special. In 1992, the Edie tribe in Yemen set up a "Youth Movement", the founder of the religious scholar, Hossain al. Tie Edie forces does not belong to one of the four tribes, and North Yemen powerful tribes, no one dare to belittle. Its leader, Hossain, was an important figure in the tribe of Edie. His grandfather and father were religious people of Hossain as a great reputation. He has the military ability, is good at using religious means to win allies. In terms of organization, the armed forces of the armed forces of the original and other tribes is no different, is still a feudal family model, with blood as a link, do not believe outsiders. Later, they began to attract other situation, the power of the Horde (except the top), to enhance their own strength. General Yemen tribes, they do not trust outsiders. Religion, Hossain. Mr hood is a Shiite Shiite faction! Germany is a large Shiite faction, mainly in Yemen and Iran. In the north of Yemen, more than half of the population, has a very strong force. Hossain. Hood will take advantage of this. He’s a religious slogan for the promotion of Shiite cultural revival for the armed forces, to support a large number of Shiite tribes. Politically, Jose armed is a diehard anti American and anti semites. Their slogan is: kill the United States, kill israel!" Yemen folk anti American anti Semitic sentiment, the armed forces will soon get a lot of support. It is because a lot of people in Yemen against the United States, Al Qaeda can foothold in the country, and even the establishment of the Islamic emirate. In addition to three, there are strong foreign aid to the armed forces, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Eritrea, the three allies. In the Middle East, in addition to Iran, is the crumbling of the Assad regime in Syria or Shiite, all other countries are sunni. Saudi Arabia as a Sunni leader, and iraq.相关的主题文章: