The car industry warm Skoda Yeti intimate human – in new network configuration aptana studio

The car industry "warm" Skoda Yeti intimate human zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, about 30, 9 in the configuration of Skoda’s brand of hardcore high performance SUV models — Yeti since listing on the hard line appearance and strong dynamic performance has been the favorite of consumers. At the same time, a "tough guy" Yeti also has many humane caring disposition, is a "warm" genuine goods at a fair price, in many details for users of high quality, comfortable driving experience. "Warm" means like warm sunshine that can give people a warm feeling of the man, they are usually careful and considerate. As the car industry warm man, relying on a lot of intimate, really humane configuration, Yeti also brought to consumers such as the warmth of the sun care and care. In the cockpit, Yeti front and rear have a rich storage space, also has a trunk scalable design, size of loading baggage be nothing difficult. In addition, the smart car in the independent dual zone constant temperature air conditioning equipped with Clean air air filter, filtration efficiency of PM2.5 reached more than 97%, can effectively prevent the dust and all kinds of small pollen into the car, allowing passengers to enjoy a healthy and comfortable driving environment. Application of comfort configuration in human nature, Yeti has fully considered, is committed to creating high-quality driving experience. Rich multimedia systems can enhance the fun of driving on the road, let the time in a more relaxed and enjoy. Warm man Yeti aware of the needs of the owners, equipped with a rich and diverse multimedia system for owners to bring a more pleasant journey. Yeti is equipped with a MP3 format to support the playback of music player CD entertainment system, through a high fidelity stereo speakers to bring good music playback effect, so that the journey is rich and colorful, highlighting the warm man property. In addition, Yeti also provide consumers with the entertainment system support Bluetooth hands-free phone function and high fidelity through optimizing the layout of the 8 speaker surround sound combination, excellent sound reduction effect is particularly powerful bass and the shock of telepresence, allowing occupants to like in the music room.相关的主题文章: