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Writing-and-Speaking In 2004, nobody outside Chicago had heard about the subject of the book The Bridge by David Remnick, Barack Hussein Obama, who was only a state legislator then and author of a memoir titled Dreams from My Father. Next he went on to win the Democratic primary for Illinois, a safe seat for the Democrats. It was about four months later when he delivered the famous keynote address to Democratic National Convention (there is not a liberal America and a conservative America; there is a United States of America). He announced his candidacy for presidency in January 2007, and came back to the Democratic convention as the nominee. In January 2009, he became the 44th president of United States of America, and it took him only 58 months to be.e the President. Uneasy Childhood The rise of Barack Obama, as chronicled by The Bridge by David Remnick, was not normal electoral politics, in which one waited normally for his or her turn in the sun. He erupted on the international scene like a revolutionary figure, in the league of Trotsky, Lenin and Hitler. Obama had an uneasy childhood due to absent father, and eyewitnesses describe the childhood as normal and different at the same time. It simply means as a child Obama realized he was meant for something important, and that he was part of something bigger. Artistic Longings The book The Bridge by David Remnick also notices that Obama used to write short stories earlier and he had dreams of a novelist, just like other revolutionaries. He felt rootless in the world where he was and felt he did not belong. Although he was a sensitive and clever young man, he was still living on the fringes of a strong country. He then moved to a great cosmopolitan city Chicago in 1980s and plunged himself into the obscure surroundings where he began to discover himself and pursue a single minded ambition. More Partisan than Those Born To It The time when Barack Obama worked as a .munity organizer in Chicago closely follows the lives of other revolutionaries. He lived alone in a small apartment, and used to work very long hours. He barely socialized with other people in his vicinity, and he came across as a person who was determined to be.e a part of that culture, and was going to champion its cause with more fervor than those who were born to that very culture. A fellow social worker was surprised to see how quickly Obama became a Chicago partisan, though it was clear Obama was determined merge himself into the place so that he could call it home. The Power of Oratory The book The Bridge by David Remnick mentions the power of oratory that Obama discovered within himself attracted the people around him. The book written by Obama about his growing racial awareness served as campaign manifesto and autobiography at the same time. It was .mon to see someone writing his memoirs after their tenure was over, but here was a man who wrote a book when he was just 30 and had not even stood in an election. His book and fame benefitted from each other and he never had to worry about money again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: