The Beauty Of Black Floor Lamps-p8400

Home-Improvement If you want to inject class and elegance into your home, you can do no wrong with black floor lamps. These lamps are unique in that the stand is painted and coated in a solid black color. This is done deliberately in order to draw a guest’s eye towards the gorgeous designs of the lampshade, especially when it is turned on at night. Even during the daytime, these lamps are eye-catchers because of their distinctive ebony frame. You can find black floor lamps in a wide selection of exquisite designs and styles. Just browsing through online lamp retail sites like Lamps Plus will give you an idea of the lamps that are available. One much sought after design is the Hybrid Ebony Box Torchiere Floor Lamp. Shaped like a tower with an ebony wooden frame, this lamp has a torchiere style fixture with a linen shade covering two light bulbs. It comes with a foot switch that can not only turn the lamp on and off, but could also brighten or dim the light that it produces. It is a very tall lamp, with a height of 66 inches, and supported by a 15 inch square base. At a price of $299.95, this lamp will add glamour and sophistication to whichever room it will be placed in. If you want a more powerful lamp, there is the Black Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp which comes with a 175 halogen bulb. Its slick, ultra-modern finish provides a chic contemporary atmosphere to your room. Like the Hybrid Ebony Box Torchiere, this type of lamp also has foot controls for switching the lights on and off and for adjusting the brightness of the light bulbs. With a height of 70 1/2 inches, the Black Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp is an excellent extra light source while reading or writing in living rooms and bedrooms. Last but not least, you have the Alogene Black Balance Arm Floor Lamp. At a height of 58 inches and base of 10 inches, it has the same properties and features as the above mentioned lamps. However, in addition, you have adjustable arms so that you can stretch it to a maximum length of 26 inches, especially if you need a good source of light for reading, writing or studying. The lampshade on each arm has a width of 4 inches. You also don’t have to worry about the arms falling on your head. They are perfectly balanced on the lamp stand, thanks to strong steel supports. These supports also give the lamp its polished steel accent contrasting the gleaming black finish. Learn more about how you can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home with the use of black floor lamps today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: