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Super soft red net. On bread — [Hong Kong] – Sohu and toast often see Halley’s do this toast takeaway, grass has long been a recent old toast not up, almost a little bit of bread to lose confidence, so that every empty talk and Hadley, should feel yeast. Hong Kong also shun her prescription to toast hot evening orders, each bought two bags of yeast, ready to come back to test, did not expect from many geniuses have time to do. I love the most is Haley has not met friends, can not remember how she is up to my WeChat, anyway. From the beginning, that she felt very special! She has two daughters, as long as like as two peas every day in addition to take care of them, and also can make a cake of bread and a small snack takeaway, every time I was tired when you don’t want to work, just go to see her friends, immediately to the effort, although don’t understand why she was so full of energy every day, but every time I can give charge, the most important is that love, love her sincerely and hard-working smart, sensible, in fact sometimes, love is love. No particular reason. What should be said to toast, toast the super soft rose is also high, but eat should be the standard of the children love the sweet toast! Hadley with 300 grams of flour, I changed 270 grams. Anyway, beginners do toast. In fact before I also met. After the failure of the yeast, Haley woke up for yeast really OK! The last time someone asked what to buy yeast ah, if your side yard high sugar, then use the high sugar tolerant yeast This time, with the angel, if sugar bottom, ordinary swallow swallow is good, also has the high sugar tolerant yeast. For a long time have no power, the other day I toast 1 2 are good, is into the furnace does not rise, if you encounter the same situation, it needs to be in yeast. Some people ask, how to determine the hardness of dough after ah, this is not to say, all by hand, can only be said to be and to soft enough, but the plastic operation is very convenient, so it can be a full water. Don’t look over, stay a little bit. If you feel too hard. And because of the different water absorption of flour, flour water absorption in different seasons also different. Another point is handmade dough may want to add some water, because the water loss in the process of hand rubbed Soon, it will absorb water, kneading machine, recommended with ice eggs, so the kneading process can improve dough overheating. In the process of kneading dough why not too hot, too hot will advance yeast fermentation, this will cause the taste of the finished product is extremely rough. Like the store a lot of production will be added ice. I used the KENWOOD kitchen machine, if it is 250 grams of flour to knead knead the dough with no heat, but if more than 500 grams of flour, knead well behind the mission will be very hot.相关的主题文章: