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"Sparrow" Zhang Luyi in a public enemy bi – Sohu distressed users refer to director of entertainment "sparrow" stills Zhang Luyi stills Zhang Luyi plays Bi Zhongliang Sohu Changshan entertainment filed recently hit drama, spy war drama "sparrow" is the first, "high evaluation value can not be only Yan and acting to live and for several days to break 2 the audience, let this" sparrow "cross PA hot search list. In the play, played by the Commissioner Luyi Zhang Bi is the strength of the interpretation of what is "in a public enemy", from the beginning in order to arrest the undercover "sparrow" bother to dive, later to juntong undercover "Shudihuang" headache, and action director Li Moqun on its guard, three colleagues Su Province and his politics is to let the audience call: "open action Boss, surrounded by the opponent, director of distressed bi!" Many critics praise: face a different "opponent" in the play will be performed with Luyi Zhang, in different ways, for the more points. Zhang Luyi: Bi Zhongliang VS Chen Shen warm to the number of Bi side biggest rival is the director, the Communist Party of China’s undercover Chen deep, suspicious character in Bi Zhongliang, Chen Bi director could not escape the deep suspicion, but in a time of trial, two people fellowlike feelings seem to influence Bi Zhongliang rational judgment, in Jiangsu provinces will "Shudihuang" when caught, has always been known for Bi director at this time but hard to panic, the mood is extremely excited and said with a gun to Chen Shen: "you don’t tell me what you are, and I will bring you a remnant of the raising of your life!" Look at the details of panic, Bi Zhongliang, Luyi Zhang inner turmoil to the extreme interpretation. In addition, this classic line more netizens as Bi deep brothers "love" in the interpretation of witness Luyi zhang! Zhang Luyi cold: Bi Zhongliang VS Tang Shanhai is also an outstanding officer juntong origin, although Bi Zhongliang chose to Japanese, but in the face of the Tangshan sea "heroism", domineering but no less, in the face of economic opportunities for the Tangshan sea "conscience" and choose to give up, Bi Zhongliang said: "a face a good conscience, I seem to see a hero." Then the phrase "what you want to do is a hero!" The tone of anger and prestige, in the empty prison, with Luyi Zhang iconic subwoofer, people can not help but a burst of trembling, and that in the past with Chongni voice called Chen deep "little red guy" Bi Zhongliang completely different person! Zhang Luyi’s art fan children: Bi Zhongliang VS Xu Bicheng "I believe your love is a waste of time, you should also love not what these fancies of men of letters of exotic things, if not in this world if I’d drag out an ignoble existence, that love a waste of time people are lovely people, you may not you know, actually, I can play the piano." Dressed in robes, holding a glass full of Shaoxing, pacing slowly, behavior exudes elegant style, did not feel his violent and bloody, seemingly is the trial of Xu Bicheng, is in fact the expression of Luyi Zhang own attitude to life, as he said: "when the interview is not working at home in a daze that can be a waste of time is a very open.相关的主题文章: