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Software Norton Internet security 2012 displayed a good improvement when it .es to protection against known and unknown malware threats. Reports of AV-test, an independent software testing institute, gives a glimpse of that. .parison of four consecutive reports, from July/August 2011, (5/6), September/October, 2011, (5.5/6), November/December 2011, (5.5/6,) to January/February 2012, (6/6), (the fractional value, is an indication of its protective feature) shows how well the product has lifted itself to corner the entire points in the current test. Similar upgrade can be seen in other parameters like repair and usability. AV-Test evaluated the products under their default status, and offered level-play ground to all participating members. They were tested on a Windows XP/Windows 7 machine along their latest update or service packs, and Internet connectivity was made available to allow products to get updated from their respective servers. In the latest version the product has been bestowed with SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) 4 technology, which is a dynamic method to update the software database, unlike virus signatures update, which was periodic and required manual updating. SONAR examines the behavior of applications to decide whether they are malicious. Norton aims to deliver proactive protection to your network. It boasts to have network protection feature to detect threats as they travel over a network and eradicate them before they hit your system. Understanding the search engine as the major gateway for malware and viruses, it includes Norton Safe Web, which highlights the risky sites or block them entirely. Symantec has perceived that identity theft is a major concern while banking, shopping or creating accounts with a site, and adds a new feature to the Norton fleet i.e. Norton Identity Safe – It secures, remembers and automatically enters your website user names and passwords to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your information as you type. Induction of 24/7 Norton Support service adds feather in the cap. The portal is .mitted to deliver support by phone, email, live chat or online whenever you need them. The troubleshooting may cover diagnosing software .patibility, removal of unwanted software, and installation, activation, update, upgrade or configuring of the desired Norton software. Attention! Dont take a chance to download any rogue security product on your system. Internet fraudsters have be.e smarter than ever, they can ploy you to download viruses and spyware, after showing you false virus infection result. These days the market is buzzing with Win7 Security Alert, Win2012 Security Alert, WinXP Securtiy Alert, etc. which are actually fake antivirus products. Also, give attention to the timely review released by tech media portals like PC Magazine, PC World, etc. to know the pros and cons associated with Norton software. For technicians sitting at Norton Help Desk, no issue is big. They are trained well as how to locate the flaw with any Norton software, by taking any insight of the Event Viewer, Registry Settings, Action Center (Windows 7), Security Center (Windows Vista) and Apple Console and Utilities. Usually, experts rely on a software tool to unravel all hidden facts; however, they also bear manual diagnostic skill. Afterwards, they start with the troubleshooting part. They can remotely do all tasks like reinstallation, update, and upgrade. You may seek help to activate all integrated .ponents of the software for inclusive protection. A few enterprising customer service operatives have also taken leap into the Norton customer service. With round-the-clock availability, global presence with remotely enabled setup, and expertise these have given new height to the .puter support service. No matter where you are, and how old is your machine, dialing the Norton Number brings the service at your .fort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: