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UnCategorized There will always be a wide number of questions about keyword density from new and older marketers alike. It is important that you remember to always take the advice given with a grain of salt and realize that trial and error really is the best way to work out what works and doesn’t work for you. However, knowing the answers to the questions below can when the time .es to make those painful decisions that every person doing business, whether online or off, must face from time to time the decision to keep a project going, scrap a project, or seriously overhaul the keyword efforts that are currently in place. Can keywords be used as anchor text? While keywords that are used as anchor text for links has little impact on the overall keyword density of the content on a website; it does offer some benefit to associate the page being linked to with those keywords. When using article marketing to bring in traffic and boost page rank, it is critical to use targeted keywords when linking from the article to the website. In order to avoid penalties for keyword stuffing it is a good idea to link similar keywords in your inbound links so that all of the links are not identical. Are keywords necessary in title tags? This is another use of keywords that can have a major impact on how well a website ranks among various search engines. Placement is important. Put the most important keywords near the beginning. Make a concentrated effort to use variations so that you aren’t using one specific word within the phrase more than three times in the entire title tag though twice should be sufficient. Is there an order to follow? There are wide ranging theories on this. Keep in mind that the algorithms are subject to change frequently and without warning. Search engines are making a valiant effort to encourage website creators to write for their living breathing audiences rather than for the sake of their algorithms. With this in mind it is better to use the keywords frequently enough that your audience knows the point you are trying to make but doesn’t feel as though they are being overwhelmed by that point. Sprinkle the words into the article and throughout the article rather than trying to have them stuffed heavily at the top and conspicuously absent as the article continues. Do you have to use the same phrase throughout? It is important to note that this is changing to some degree as search engine algorithms be.e more sophisticated. For the time being though it is important that when optimizing for a specific keyword, that the keyword phrase is used exactly throughout the article. You can use synonyms and similar phrases for emphasis or in order to avoid keyword stuffing but should avoid using them in your calculations for keyword density. When these questions are answered you will be better equipped to .e up with a plan for keyword density within your own web pages. Always test and make changes whenever necessary to ensure that your pages are on the rise within the search engine rankings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: