Small artistes want to play the leading role Guan Xiaotong Ouyang Nana’s fashion showdown is the hig widcomm

Small artistes want to play the leading role Guan Xiaotong Ouyang Nana’s fashion showdown is the main event lead: now the flowers can not only play once the brush is so simple, but also among the fashion circle to play the leading role! Join the fashion week we will have Guan Xiaotong, Ouyang and Nana two small artistes, come and see the flowers once their performance in the end how to fashion. (Editor: Gon Freecss @ Guan Xiaotong other large meat off) recently, we will usher in a small star Guan Xiaotong international fashion week debut. The PA super school just entrance, not only have a "national young girl" in the title, in the fashion circle and a good performance. Look at the legs sister paper Guan Xiaotong fashion blockbusters, Princess wind, wind, wind all retro campus master. Guan Xiaotong stills Guan Xiaotong costume modeling not only that, Guan Xiaotong young has high circle of the actor. This year in 2016, Guan Xiaotong starred in the hit series including "good", "Mr. little husband", eight TV series, in the drama show N news. But the most surprising is the Guan Xiaotong costume styling, is not only a standard of fairies, but also revealed a hint of beauty. Guan Xiaotong other friends who constantly Tucao in school uniforms we made ugly uniforms soil, Guan Xiaotong successfully uniform name! Your eyes bursting with ugly uniforms, wear in people who sister paper how so fresh? It seems that the value of high and beautiful legs with the school uniforms! Guan Xiaotong must have only to look at other PW movies and stills, let you accept small artistes are about to ring beam in a certain fashion, can you accept. However, there is still a future of Icon temperament Guan Xiaotong, is not enough to let you put on the knee? Statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Ouyang Nana airport is also other fashion front row spectators little actress Ouyang Nana has recently opened her this fashion week trip. At the airport there just one hour of time, but also show two different shapes, visible small artistes to fight other. Presumably Ouyang Nana in the Chinese Teams "will show flame" is a "titans". Ouyang Nana today small artistes blockbusters as one of the representative figures of Ouyang, Nana also took a lot of fashion blockbusters. A big advantage of the same pair of legs and small artistes. Ouyang Nana’s sweet temperament is very suitable for the little princess style, wearing pink is not an instant warming heart? Ouyang and Nana stills in the TV series have been performing to try Ouyang Nana, although acting by netizens Tucao almost Nothing is right., but we also have to admit flowers in the play style, just one is beautiful. Zhang Xueying is also a large Curve Wrecker, is also a high performer, rising star Zhang Xueying also comes with a small headline temperament. Recently, Zhang Xueying announced a new set of street shots, she also tried a new fashion modeling. No longer just that pure little sister, with rebellious temperament of the street, Zhang Xueying can easily control. Zhang Xueying Zhang snow meets the ancient style of other uniforms in the harvest.相关的主题文章: