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Men’s-Issues Men can seldom relate to a skin care regime for themselves dismissing it as a women thing altogether. Mens skin is inherently different from that of women and not as delicate too. However, that cannot be a reason to negate the necessity of a good skin care regimen. A good skin care regimen is essential to maintain a healthy skin and prevent undue skin diseases, irrespective of gender based differences. And because of this, men are as prone to skin adversities as the women. Moreover, with age the skin tends to loose its elasticity as collagen fibers break down thus resulting in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore it is as important for men as well to take good and proper care of their skin. A skin care regimen does not involve any complications. Rather it is a simple process to follow and takes only few minutes a day. Here are some great tips for men to care about their skin more efficiently: Face washing Use a face-wash or a mild soap to wash your face instead of regular body soaps that are relatively stronger on the skin. Harsh chemicals in the soap can damage the skin and disrupt its natural texture Avoid using hot water on your face no matter how tempting it might be in cooler times. Always stick to cold or at the most lukewarm water to rinse your face. Exfoliates Make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly, ideally twice a week. Exfoliation scrapes off the dead cells from the skin surface and promotes new and smooth layer from within. Regular exfoliation smoothens the skin texture and lends it a natural glow. Shaving To keep the skin healthy, it is very important that you shave correctly and dont end up damaging your skin. Before you start shaving wet your face with a layer of streaming hot water so that your skin absorbs steam and gets moisturized beforehand. After that apply shaving cream on your face and shave it off very carefully taking care to avoid any cuts and wounds. Moisturizers For people with dry skin types, moisturizers are the sole recluse. Dry skin lacks moisture and has low hydration levels. This makes them appear flaky and acts as a good ground for premature wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Moisturizers maintain the water level in the skin and prevent facial lines from showing. Do make sure to apply a good moisturizer after each time you shave so as to close down any open pores and reduce any signs of dryness. Also try and avoid products with heavy fragrances as they tend to contain drying agents. Sunscreens Avoid excessive exposure of your face to direct sunlight. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet radiations that penetrate the skin layers and damage the cells within and disrupts the skin texture. Use a good quality sunscreen that contains an SPF of about 15 or more. Make sure you apply it before 15 to 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapply after every two to three hours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: