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News-and-Society Stereotypes are often wrong, and more often than not, very mean. But they exist in this world, and all we can do is to fight them and their false notions and beliefs. Single parents that are open to the idea of dating online are heavily stereotyped. However, single mums, being the great and awesomely courageous people that they are, have worked hard in dispelling and confronting them. These stereotypes are one of the most hurtful that single mums can face: single mums have deficient children that suffer from physical, emotional, and behavioral problems. 1. They assume that children of single mums have physical maladies like malnutrition. Since most single parents and single mums have more time for their kids and they are dedicated to them, then this issue happens on very seldom cases. 2. Some people seem to think that bullies and delinquents are children of single parents. Wow! Now this is one stereotype that is just plain mean and wrong. First, delinquents and bullies don’t just stem from single parents, but also from families that have both parents intact. It’s not the issue of having just one or both parents, but this behavior of kids stem from how much love and affection they receive from home. 3. Then .es the "father" issue. They think that these children suffer from emotional distress that stems from the lack of a father figure in their lives. And because they lack this parental authority, these children also have discipline issues. Again, it is the upbringing and the love and attention that kids get from their parent/s that make them into the kind of person that they are. If they don’t get the love and attention that they need from their home, then they will find ways to rebel and let out their frustrations. But if they do feel loved in their own homes, then of course, they’d reciprocate the same feelings towards their peers and the people surrounding them. Single parents dating would help dispel these issues by letting the world see how kind and gracious and loving single mums can be. By opening up to people and showing them your great and warm personalities, then you help dispel these unfounded and hurtful stereotypes. The best way to dispel these stereotypes is to show people that being a single mum doesn’t make you a bad parent and that your children are not dysfunctional individuals, but are well-rounded individuals. The subject of your children should not .e about during the early stages of online dating. In fact, the focus should all be on you and not your kids. Single parents dating is about finding friends, acquaintances, and life partners that would improve your social life. It’s about spreading out your wings and getting a life outside of your kids. So have fun once again, and take charge of your love life and dispel these nasty stereotypes all at the same time. Don’t you just love hitting two birds with one stone? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: