Selina admitted that he did not love his family was hurt her heart

Selina admission had family does not love once ruthless hurt his mother’s heart – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the Taiwan artist Selina recently learned that the parents received for the card, only to find they were 65 years old, so he and his sister arranged the whole family to travel to Italy, and in this journey from her family to be closer, but also admitted not from childhood so love the family, also once hurt his mother’s heart. Selina said his father had taken military education, she has not only been out of the house, and even beaten. So when she was in adolescence, she was forced to blurt out that she was not born in the house". Later she entered the entertainment circle after busy work more open and family distance, although much buffer space, also makes the relationship more comfortable, but from the "intimate" word is still very far. She recalled that her mother wanted to hold her hand on the road, did not expect her first second reaction was actually released immediately, the moment not only by their own instinctive reaction scared, but also hurt her mother’s heart. Therefore this journey in order to make up for the regret, Selina not only actively took Mom’s hand, took my arm, also took the opportunity to kiss their cheeks, these intimate let mother feel that time went back to the past, this also let Selina through a journey to retrieve the original love that her parents. At last she thanks through the fire kiss, divorce life two big difficulties, parents still regrets accompany her around, and realized that they give love never required return, because this is the nature of the greatest pure and selfless love, let her learn to self reflection, and cherish this the flesh and blood of the parent-child relationship.相关的主题文章: