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Customer Service Owing to the high density of population in the UK, drains are now finding it hard to cope up with the amount of waste being disposed off. Old drainage systems are slowly but steadily getting damaged by tree branches and waste, which is clogging up the whole drainage system. Like everything, drainage systems need maintenance and regular checks every so often to prevent drain blockages. Blocked drains in London usually occur due to the build up of waste, leakage, subsidence, ground movement, corrosion, and even tree root infiltration. In order to prevent these blockages from affecting you or your neighbours, it is best to avail the services of a reputed emergency blocked drain London company. These drain repair London professionals would be able to find the root cause of the problem. Once the main cause of the problem is found, these drain specialists would resolve the problem for you. Most of the emergency blocked drain London repair providers have special equipment like CCTV to both view and repair the blocked drain without any need to disrupt the land by digging. CCTV drain surveys are small remote units that allow the drainage repair professionals to view large lengths of your drain on a monitor. This is a much more cost-efficient and less disruptive way of diagnosing a blocked drain in London, without having to dig up the land. In case of repairing an emergency blocked drain London, the CCTV drain survey really comes very useful. When it shows a sign of a blocked drain, depending on how extensive and where exactly the drain blockage is, it helps in determining the type of equipment and drain cleaning techniques used for unblocking the drain. In order to unblock a drain full of waste and debris, one of the following techniques can be used depending on the scale of the blockage: * To unblock a blocked sink London full of debris and waste, drain rodding can be used. Drain rodding is a simple technique, which is used for pushing the blockage by using steel rods, allowing the system to flow freely once again. * High Pressure water or drain jetting London is used for striping away deposits and waste stuck to pipe walls, allowing the system to freely flow again. * Electro-mechanical Cleaning is an effective technique used for purging and de scaling waste pipes and main sewers. There are long and flexible steel cables, fitted with blades which cut through debris and hardened waste as well as tree roots to help restore the pipe. If you need more information on emergency blocked drain London, you may visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章: