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Quietly tell you these cheap brands do "with" senior lead: many senior brand release in the fashion week, lead the fashion trend in the next season, many affordable fashion brands, will also launch these indicators of a single product, so the same coat, may be in the brand often several million yuan to buy. Of course, can also be used with cheap price cheap brand, depends on whether you care about the material, design details and determine his purchase value. We don’t have to buy a similar product, but we might as well have a look at the same commodity in this season! (source: Cosmo Chloe fashion content) and H& M Marni and Zara Ashish and Topshop Chloe and Zara MG and Wang Daren mango and H& M; the high street brand first refers to the British main commercial street shops, imitation show T Taiwan fashion show fashion, rapid production into product sales, let everyone can buy a brand. One of the biggest characteristic of the high street brand is "quick consumption" concept: clothing style update speed, a low -. Orders from the designer to appear in the store cycle is very short, Zara only a short twelve days. It is because of a "high street", the original costume by model shows, people can quickly get the most popular fashion from the store version. In fact, we have been in close proximity to the big name, just go to the high street brand to buy what is the value? H& M; Celinex H& M; Kenzo x H& M Balenciaga x H& M Chloe x H& M H& the secret of M’s success in addition to its advanced marketing strategy and accurate market positioning, more cannot do without the co-operation with top designers. In 2005, H& M invited fashion master class Dean, from Chanel Karl Lagerfeld, the cooperation between them set off huge waves in the world of fashion. Because of the original price of the master design, everyone can afford to buy, young people are able to wear the printed Karl Lagerfeld For H& M Logo clothes and ecstatic. However, cooperation with the designer is rarely let ordinary consumers to buy, H& M’s daily design is still not to learn and learn from the normal. Mango Balenciaga x Mango Mary Katrantzou x Mango 3.1 Phillip Limx Mango was founded in 1984 by MANGO, fashion, fashion design, fashion, modern metropolis sense successfully won the world’s women’s favor, at the same time, also rapid transmission of Spanish fashion image language, love fashion, popular favorite female fashion, beautiful new choice and out of the ordinary. 2003, the first to enter the Chinese market, high street FMCG Brand, and other high street brands, like Man.相关的主题文章: