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Home-and-Family From start to finish, an outfit should feel .plete. This not only includes the clothing but the way you accessorize them. The entire ensemble should look like one well conceived concept. Keeping this in mind, choosing the right jewelry to pair with the clothes should not take too much effort. There are plenty of fashion faux pas, but many are easy to avoid. Start with the idea. The occasion dictates what rules to follow. Are you dressing casually or formally? The style of your outfit will .mand a certain level of class. Do not mismatch the outfit with the jewelry. Diamond hoop earrings look better with evening gowns and formalwear. Gold pendants look nice with business attire. Save the ankle bracelets and bangles for lunch with friends and a walk in the park. In.patible jewelry is another big issue. Heavy jewelry should not tread across light materials. Also, jewelry materials should coordinate. Make informed decisions about the look. Do those white gold hoop earrings match that diamond heart pendant around your neck? Once you have found the appropriate jewelry, try to maintain a balance between glitz and subtlety. Being glamourous is the key, but overwhelming the eye with "rock candy" is not glamourous. .mon mistakes related to jewelry balance are the consistent layering of too much jewelry and noisy jewelry. Strike a balance between the clothes and the jewelry. They should be .plementary, not fighting for attention. Pair busy clothes with delicate silver pendants or white gold earrings. Save the diamond necklaces and gem covered pieces for solid color clothing. Dark colors can be muted with brighter jewelry; bright colors can be muted by rustic or vintage jewelry. You should also balance the size of the jewelry. Big bracelets, jewelry pendants, and rings look fantastic with certain outfits but they may look silly when paired with others. The jewelry should also match your figure. Find consistency in the proportions. Big jewelry with big sunglasses and a big purse will make a different statement than small jewelery with a petite ensemble and a little hat. Acentuate detailing by properly placing a .plementary piece. For example, you can draw the eyes to the design on a collar or dress using low hanging gold pendants. Diamond necklaces also draw the eye to the neck. Diamond hoop earrings may draw attention to your new haircut. Jewelry can be worn for the sake of filtering the view of on-lookers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: