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Sales-Management Sadly 216 lives have been lost trying to tame this awesome beast. These people would have known the risks and trained just as hard as those that succeeded the ascent. Sometimes in life things like weather are simply out of our control. In 1996 8 people died due to a storm high on the summit. We know we won’t die if we don’t equip ourselves well by taking great MS Project training. We know we will survive without MS project training but will we climb to the top? Probably not. Taking MS project training for an event or a goal tells a lot about the person. It tells us they are prepared to go that extra mile to do something extraordinary. Top climbers train for years but they very rarely train alone. They have chosen a team and picked some tools that they know will aid their success. These fit, determined group of individuals more than likely would have read every training manual, watched every available DVD to gain an insight into a world that they know will soon be theirs. How many project managers can claim the same amount of dedication? I bet the best ones can. I bet they looked at every project management book, watched as many training DVD’s they could and would very easily be able to point out the strengths of a great Project Management Training. It is their passion to succeed. It is their passion to walk out of that office every day with a bag full of achievement tucked away in their backpack. These guys aren’t happy with just plodding through the day. They have organized their day with such precision it gives them time to work on stuff they really enjoy. They produced results because they dedicated time to MS project training. Project Management Training has helped them to see the top of the mountain so when they started climbing they just kept on climbing. Just as importantly they packed what they needed in their bag, they carried a pick and rope to sometimes pull them up or hold themselves in. Project Management Training was their vital piece of equipment. John Reiling, PMP, knows how valuable Project Management skills are. He has worked hard to be.e an experienced Project Manager across many industries and has used Microsoft Project on large and small projects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: