Positive Thinking Using The i Want Approach-ca1871

Self-Improvement Thinking "I must" is not a useful approach to getting our body to follow through with what we ideally want it to do. Instead, "I want" can be used to change our habits and .pulsions. It can help your head, heart and body to synchronize. This spiritual pact gives us the power to effect change in our behavioral patterns. Saying to yourself "I mustn’t be late" won’t work. You are being too harsh and negative. If you feel like you’re forcing yourself not to do something then some unfortunate quirk of nature makes us more likely to actually end up doing it. "I must be early" is no better because it is still imposes on our actions and free will. The reason being that our thought processes work something like this… I mustn’t be late because I will get a scolding, or I may have a fine imposed on me, or they will put a black mark on my record book or they will not let me into the room. A better line of approach would be "I want to be punctual". It is gentler and more in line with the spiritual laws we all have built within us. The line of reasoning goes like this: I want to be on time because other people and their time are things that I have respect for. If everyone were early, we can start on time and end on time, we can go on to do other things, be more productive, and we can go home to be with our families. They key is to focus on the positives of doing something rather than trying to avoid the negatives of not doing it. Our minds have a tendancy to sway towards the negative unless we constantly remind ourselves that we want to be positive. Why do they do that? Well, maybe because this is what so many other people do and when we see so many people speaking and acting in such a manner then we unconciously copy them. Just because so many are negative though is no excuse for you being the same. If you want to better yourself then you must be prepared to break away from the crowd and to be an individual. When more and more people in the group recognize, appreciate and put into practice the value of punctuality, and the positivity spreads. As such, by changing yourself for the better, you can also trigger positive actions and attitudes in other people. You should see this as great motivation. Ultimately, by being more self aware, you are able to achieve more of the things that you want to achieve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: