Play Big, Not Small, To Get That Dream

"A musician must make music; an artist must paint; a poet must write, if he be at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be." Abraham Maslow Many people play too small in their careers. What do I mean by that? I mean that, in terms of a career, they think of themselves as ‘just doing their job.’ I’ve worked with thousands of people in career transition and that comment is the one I heard most often – from the accomplished executive to the skilled metal worker in a stamping plant. Just doing your job??? Any day of the week, unless you are warming a chair and nothing else, you are contributing to a company’s or organization’s success. And unless you identify and name all those accomplishments, you may not develop the self-esteem and confidence you need to reach for that meaningful work you’ve always wanted. You have to know your value! How can you begin to acknowledge your work value? The first step is to look at your accomplishments. Accomplishments are NOT the same as job descriptions. Job descriptions are only statements of tasks that need to be done. Accomplishments name the value-add you bring to your work purpose. Here are some questions that will help you begin to identify your accomplishments: 1 – In what ways have I improved this job since I have had it? 2 – What processes, procedures or tasks did I initiate that have made things better? 3 – What suggestions have I made that have added to saving money, making money or making processes smoother? 4 – What projects have I volunteered for? 5 – How have I made my boss’ work easier? 6 – How have I assisted my colleagues? 7 – How have I expanded my work load since I undertook this job? What new tasks and responsibilities have I undertaken? 8 – What additional assignments was I given? 9 – If I left this job tomorrow, what legacy would my colleagues say I left? 10 – What qualities do my co-workers regularly say I have? There are many more questions that you could ask yourself to tease out those all-important accomplishments, but those are a start. There are two more steps to take to fully own those accomplishments. Starting from your initial list of accomplishments, do this: write down the talents and qualities you exhibited in EACH accomplishment. If you streamlined the purchasing process for office products, your talents might be: Organization; Detail-orientation, Systems-thinking, etc. Your qualities might be: Initiative; Cost-savings orientation; Efficiency and so forth. Once you have a list of talents and qualities, you’ll notice something interesting. Many talents and qualities will repeat themselves in the accomplishments. This becomes your KEY TALENT and QUALITIES list. In other words, these attributes are what you bring to the table. You can now claim them as your unique Value-Add. And you MUST know your value in order to feel confident about the kind of contribution you wish to make in your career. BUT, if you hide your light by not claiming what you do well, by not letting people know about you, you may be missing the very opportunity that may lead to you being considered for that great position. In my experience, most people don’t suffer from too much self-aggrandizement; they suffer from too little self-acceptance and recognition of the fullness and reality of what they have to offer and what they have accomplished. In other words, they play too small, not too big. So, if you are not used to owning your talent and level of contribution, you may never have the self-confidence it takes to move forward boldly in the direction of a meaningful career, whether in the context of something you are doing right now, or by creating something you’ve always wanted to create in order to experience your life purpose and work purpose being one. There are many problems to be solved in the world. That’s the opportunity. And if you have the interest, the passion AND the talent and qualities needed to solve those problems, why don’t you? By identifying and owning what you bring to the party, and how those gifts can address the needs you see, you will have taken a giant step forward in moving toward that Dream Career. So don’t play small. Don’t pretend you’re less than you are. Stand up. Let your light shine. You’ll be amazed at how easily your dream career, along with profound career satisfaction, will enter your life. As the quotation above says, "Be what you must be." And I would add, be it fully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: