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Peter Julie was enough to prove – do not drink urine smear active entertainment Sohu Peter Julie divorce, mutual black material     Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) and Angelina Julie (Angelina Jolie) this month found a divorce, causing many mystery. The day before Julie came by Peter enough drinking habit, more media exposed one family this month during a flight, Peter suspected drink drunk, but also to foster hands-on, 29 foreign media pointed out that Peter volunteered to clear urine, since no drinking habit. Peter recently caught alcohol abuse storm, also drew FBI with the family and Child Welfare Department investigation, attracted friends Pete discontent, revelations directed discredit Julie, stakeholders also pointed out that Pitt recently quite with the investigation, the authorities did not require urinalysis, but he offered no hope that, out of drug and alcohol abuse. "Us Weekly" report, although Peter Julie couple sitting on thousands of Ping mansion in Hollywood, but before the divorce had two strangers, a roommate, Peter felt lonely, shooting the movie "five seconds of silence" often go looking for old friends complain, will be buried under the Julie family scandal, his dissatisfaction with the fuse. [event trace] Pitt (Figure) Brad Pitt drunk and hit the child and the rumors of divorce has made new progress. Although the Losangeles police bureau denied the investigation of Peter, but admitted that FBI is considering whether to intervene, it indirectly indicates that there is a conflict between Pete and his eldest son Maddox on the plane. Things have risen to the extent of FBI intervention? The reason is that the accident occurred on the 14 flight from France to the United States, Minnesota, which is believed to be more than just a matter of domestic violence. Anything that happens on the plane, in violation of the rules and has the potential to cause an accident, will be handled by FBI. As before, there have been many of the passengers on the plane, or hit trouble to other passengers, flight attendants are also under threat after the plane was FBI. According to the New York Post reported, FBI has admitted that it is taking over the investigation, but has not yet decided whether to pursue any criminal responsibility pete. The newspaper also informed sources, Pitt did not hit the child, but in the drink and the eldest son of Maddox verbal conflict. TMZ reported that the incident was a witness, and a bystander alert outside Julie led to the involvement of FBI. Julie and Peter has accepted the child protection organizations. For Pete disadvantage is that when the plane in Minnesota refueling, Peter aircraft continue to have angry, abusive behavior, all of which are recorded by the monitor! "US Weekly," said Pitt during the quarrel with Julie, Maddox has intervened to maintain Julie. The video has become the object of the various media to buy, do not know whether the price will be more than the wedding photos Pitt Julie married? [Julie Pitt divorce incident] Beijing time on September 20th相关的主题文章: