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Currency-Trading When it comes to personal character, trading Forex requires two main qualities. You have to be able to self-govern and you have to be able to keep going even after you experience loss. Many people are actually devastated by the Forex market. They start out too eager and they lose everything they have. The CFTC has recently passed laws to restrict Forex in the US because they believe that all beginner Forex traders are unsophisticated. They know that they tend to lose large amounts of money early on in their careers. However, statistics also prove that you can be winner in Forex. You have to have the right experience and you have to know how to govern yourself. During the month of January 2010, a list of brokers reported large percentages of traders were successful trading Forex. This wasn’t just a fluke in the typical trading reports. This was just an example of how many people are commonly winning in Forex. MBTrading reported that 47% of their traders made money that month and IBFX reported that 46% of their traders made money. FXDD reported that 45% of their traders made money and reported that 43% made money. In fact, in January 2010, EUR/USD was the most profitable currency pair for the month with 51% of traders making money on that currency pair. ( You don’t have to be much better than average to make money in Forex. You just have to be able to control yourself and learn from your mistakes. Of course, the numbers are much worse for beginners because the mistakes they make tend to knock them out of the game early on. If they hang in there, those same mistakes tend to turn them into experienced traders. Think about a professional athlete. Great football players don’t become great by sitting on the bench or hanging out in the locker room. They get out on the field and they learn to take their hits. They learn to govern their behavior and to “huddle up” after they have taken a hit. Forex is similar to a sport because you have to have two qualities to be a success. You have to be able to perform well and you have to be able to keep going, even after you have lost a big game. Experience is the thing that Forex beginners need the most. Practice as many tested strategies as you can find and see if they actually work. Sometimes these strategies won’t work but other times they will. Through a series of practice and failure, a beginner will eventually learn when the best times to trade are and when are the best times to sit and wait. They will also learn what the best amounts for trading are on their account and how much to risk at any particular time. Nobody can ever tell another trader what is best for them because everyone is different. You will learn how to trade Forex differently than others and things that may seem superficial and easy to one trader may be the most difficult and profound lessons for you. Here are some tried and true strategies that aren’t going to work every time. They will require practice to learn them and more practice to perfect them. Even after they have been perfected, there will still be times when they won’t work and this will be one of the most important things you will need to face in the Forex market as you learn to pick yourself up from the tough tackles and get back onto the field! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: