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UnCategorized The CE4 Clearomizer is one of the latest developments in the electronic cigarette technology. It has been created in a way similar to that of cartomizers. Aside from the standard cartridge and atomizer formats, however, clearomizers offer yet as other alternatives. One of the prominent issues vapor users of today face is deciding between clearomizers and cartomizers. Perhaps, the information below will help in the decision-making. The biggest appeal clearomizers can offer is in their names. They are very clear. Accurately speaking, their bodies are made of clear plastic, though some are tinted in different color variations. The body clarity allows users to know when they need to refill or how much vapor they have left. But of course, this feature of clearomizers is not preferred by everyone. Not all people will want to see what is inside their e-cig hardware. Some people may think that clearomizers look too futuristic or odd and may want to stick to using what they are familiar of. If you have just started using electronic cigarettes, it may .e as a new information to you, but within vaping .munities, people have different POVs on how electronic cigarettes should look. There are some people who will want theirs to look like traditional cigarettes as much as possible. Using these may be .fortable for them. Others find it easier to explain to non-users what e-cigs are if these resemble familiar and traditional-looking cigarettes. Standard cartomizers offer this look. Nicotine juice can be used to fill cartomizers. However, once they lose the warm throat hit or their atomizers wear out, they are often disposed. Fortunately, cartomizers are not expensive. They can be acquired in packs of 5 for 15 dollars or less. Each can last up to 2 weeks, depending on how often they are used. Cartomizers are made as disposables and that is how people typically use them. Clearomizers are also disposable but they last much longer. This is also why they are priced higher and are easier to clean as .pared to cartomizers. There is no need for convoluted methods in cleaning these devices. They simply have to be taken out and rinsed. Inexpensive atomizer replacements can be used to prolong the life of clearomizers as well. In terms of vapor and of flavor, whether to use cartomizers or clearomizers will purely be subjective. This is why it is always best to decide only after having used the two. Some people may say cartomizers give them satisfying vapors, others may prefer the stronger flavors from clearomizers. Electronic cigarettes are far less expensive nowadays. There is no reason for you not to test out the two technologies and decide on an option. You might prefer the CE4 clearomizer for a certain flavor or a cartomizer for another. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: