On what occasion did Mao Zedong say, let us not be Li Zicheng jiuyaogan

On what occasion did Mao Zedong say, "let us not be Li Zicheng?" Core tip: according to general Sun Yi recalled, at Mao Zedong again Li Zicheng said: "Li Zicheng is a peasant leader ‘s troops fought hard to win, a proud failure, even his own life are not saved, we can not when Li Zicheng!"   this paper from the "Beijing daily" in October 31, 2016 fifteenth edition, author: Li Fen, the original title: "the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Beijing" some historical details "of the CPC Central Committee decided to leave in March 23rd when the? "There is a commentary of the CPC Central Committee in Peking": "March 13, 1949 the second Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Central Committee closing, the CPC Central Committee in Peking is scheduled for ten days in March 23rd." It seems that March 23rd left Xibaipo, is identified in the the second Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Central Committee. In fact, the central authorities of the Communist Party of China, the relocation of this matter, as early as 1948 and at the turn of the year in 1949 has been discussed, but when to start, the specific date has not been determined. In about the peaceful liberation of Peiping, central began to consider the transfer of beijing. In Mao Zedong’s opinion, in Xibaipo to stay for two months, the negotiations can also be arranged in xibaipo. Li Kenong also has three times to the proposal of the Central Committee, slowly, because Peking House, were security problems. But Zhou Enlai, Ren Bishi advocated to go for the good, because sooner or later have to go, and then work requirements, is not located in Xibaipo can be solved; and at the same time, the Kuomintang held talks in Beijing, also can increase the political prestige". According to the responsible for the relocation of Yang Shangkun written in the diary, as early as January 27, 1949, the Central Committee has to be in mid March to Ping; to February 6th, general office of the CPC Central Committee on "action plan, transport power, materials handling and processing personnel, has decided to"; March 10th, Zhou Enlai notice of the general office of the central, the second Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Central Committee that will move, but there is no specific provisions "; in March 14th, the Secretariat of the preliminary decision by the end of March to Ping; and in March 15 and the committee meeting also came the news that Chairman of the" interesting Chizou "," intends to stay for two months; then after discussion, the night of 17 March, secretary at the meeting before the final decision on the 23 day leave for beijing. Why is scheduled for 23, I did not see the relevant explanatory materials. However, from the preparation alone, the 5 day time is almost the same. At that time, in Xibaipo staff at least five thousand people, in addition, there are a large number of documents and office equipment, logistics equipment, with hundreds of trucks to transport. In March 18th, general office of the CPC Central Committee called the China Northeast People’s Liberation Army Headquarters transferred 100 trucks, 20 jeep vehicles. These cars gathered in Xibaipo, and then loading consolidation, four or five days almost. The original brigade together in beijing. 19 afternoon, the CPC Central Committee held a meeting of the various departments responsible for the administration of the comrades, announced the central migration, and Yang Shangkun, according to the central system organization, indicating that the Secretariat should go along with the unit to seek advice. Zhou en!相关的主题文章: