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On October 1st, Palau visa policy – Sohu on the date of cancellation of Palau tourism visa policy related issues — according to the sea passion hotel tourism group against Palau TI BELAU September 1, 2016: TI BELAU, the newspaper learned that Palau’s first newspaper TI BELAU, Palau’s first newspaper Volume 25 Issue 70 September 70 The chairman September 1, 0120162016 volume twenty-fifth issue of the house of delegates conference committee, Jonathan Isechal, has reported to speaker Sabinoanastaciothat the Committee has reached an impasse with the Senate conference committee chaired by Sen. surangelWhipps, Jr over, House Bill 9-203-22s HD1, SD3 which extends diplomatic passports from 2to 4 years. Jo Congress Chairman of the House Committee NathanIsechal, has been reported to the spokesman Sabinoanastacio Sen. surangelWhipps, chaired by the Senate Foreign Affairs bill 9-203-22s HD1, SD has reached an impasse in Jr. The simple bill is hanged in the conference committee because the Senate in action on the bill tagged the visa rider to revive requirement of visa and fee of $50 for all foreign visitors.the controversial measure was enacted last year but repealed this year before it is take effect on October 1 this year. bill for this to all foreign visitors complex $50 visa fee, has been in the Senate into "anxious"..相关的主题文章: