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Stay In Service Apartments And Feel The Pleasure Posted By: John Steffen Service apartments are something which you can prefer over the hotels for the simple reason that they are not very expensive. You can easily find a studio apartment in every state as it is the best choice for the travellers. You can stay in them and you will feel that you are not staying outside the house. It gives a home like feeling which you will enjoy. Service apartments in New Delhi are furnished in the most beautiful way and it provides accommodation facilities too on a rent basis. The accommodation as an aspect can be compared to the hotels but they are very economical and you can even extend your stay. The apartments like these have common rooms, a well fitted kitchen, bedroom, and even a bathroom. They also provide additional facilities like electrical appliances like a television, heater, refrigerator, washing machine and even a telephone. On the whole to live in a studio apartment will be like staying in a home that is away from home.

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cheap hotels in india Online Portals Offering Complete Details Of 3 Star Hotels Delhi Posted By: Cleantrip Internet has changed the conventional way of fulfilling all minor and major needs. People are becoming addicted as it is quickest, most reliable AND convenient way of selling, purchasing or getting information about any nook of the world. Now, you need not to visit those crowdie malls/shopping centers for purchasing the things or to stand in a long queue for booking your air ticket etc. Internet has knitted the entire world in a single thread and it is possible now to make any kind of reservation online. Advance booking gives you several advantages as well as relives you from the hassle of waiting in the queues for getting your ticket. It is recommended particularly when you are planning a vacation or business trip. This will relive you from the hassle of finding an accommodation after you reach your destination. And the chances may happen that you are not familiar with that place then it will become more difficult to search the same. On the other hand, in the absence of knowledge about room rates, hotel staff may charge you more money. So, to get rid of aforementioned problems advance booking or reservation is the best way.

3 Star Hotels Delhi View The Real Face Of Budget Hotels At New Delhi Posted By: Cleantrip A budget hotel as the name implies is a hotel that avails different facility at affordable price. Hotels in Delhi as well as in other cities are considered as the second home for the travelers. Budget hotels are a medium of saving the money to spend that saved money on fun and entertainment during the entire journey. Delhi is a perfect place for business as well as leisure travelers. The city thrives millions of visitors coming to the city and to provide them best accommodation hospitality industry has left no stone unturned. There are innumerable of hotels situated in every part of Delhi including three, four and five star hotels. If you are also planning to visit the national capital, New Delhi then you should book the hotel room in advance to avoid any kind of hassle later. But, have you ever thought what you see on the internet about these hotels is actually the same these hotels provide. May be not true in all the cases; in sake of getting more and more customers websites are prune with the wrong information.

Budget Hotel New Delhi Posted By: Maggie Tulliver Agra is a city in the Eastern country known as the world’s largest democracy- India. The town is located on the banks of the famous Yamuna river. The city was once the capital of the then Hindustan. It is in Uttar Pradesh, in Northern India. The state’s capital is 363 kilometres west of Agra. It is also 200kms away from the country’s capital, New Delhi. The city is even mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharatha. The climate here is characterized by dry and hot summers, mild winters and also a monsoon, though not as heavy as the monsoons in the rest of the parts of the country. The city can be accessed via the national highway system, by air through the Agra Airport or by rail as it is on the main train line between Bombay and Delhi. The town’s history is intricately linked with the Mughal empire and one can see architecture and historic sites built during that era. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come here from all over the world to visit the biggest attraction in this land, the Taj Mahal. However, in addition to that there are many other tourist attractions in the region.

new delhi hotel Best Airport Hotels In Delhi Posted By: Yogesh Sharma According to historians, Delhi is city which reflects modernity as well traces from the past. It is amongst the oldest historic capitals of the world which also houses government buildings and embassies. Global visitors that are interested to know then they can reserve a flight to New Delhi to visit this beautiful and multicultural city and during your tour you can experience the fun of all seasons. Speaking about the climate of the city, it is hot and humid during summers and cold during winters. It is better known as the capital city and the famous metropolis of India. The best time to visit Delhi is during the spring season when the city is all beautiful. The city witnesses a warm weather with summer temperature rising to 45 degrees and cold temperature dropping to 5 degrees. The cold wave from the Himalayan region make winters quite chilly. Delhi is situated at an elevation of 215 meters. Added to this most festivals occur during the months of October to March that add to the essence of the place. Delhi has some of the best accommodation in the country with starting from 5-star hotels to budget hotels.

hotel near airport in Delhi National Gandhi Museum, A Tribute To A Leader Posted By: Auburn The famed National Gandhi Museum is devoted to the memory, life work and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, one of India’s most revered spiritual leaders. The museum situated in New Delhi attempts to showcase the inspirational life of Gandhi and his principles. The museum had its inception shortly after Mahatma Gandhi’s untimely death at the hands of an unscrupulous assassin in 1948. The institution was relocated a number of times before being established in New Delhi in the year 1961. Shortly after the tragic death of the iconic Indian leader, many of his admirers commenced the task of collecting relics and materials relating to the late Gandhi. These artifacts included personal items, books and newspapers which related to the Mahatma. The main gallery of the museum features numerous paintings as well as personal articles of the leader. Artifacts on display include the blood-soaked shawl and loincloth worn by Gandhi on the day of his assassination and the bullet that claimed his life. Other articles of interest are several of Gandhi’s teeth, his urn, ivory toothpick and one of his walking sticks. Another unique artifact is a satyagraha (non-violent resistance) themed woodcut by the artist Willemia Muller Ogterop.

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Budget Hotel New Delhi Posted By: Caleb Often compared to Washington’s Capitol Hill and Pretoria’s Union Building in terms of significance and stature, New Delhi’s Secretariat Building may well be the iconic institutions’ Indian incarnation. Built as far back as 1910, this breathtaking administrative structure which houses many of the ministries of the Indian Cabinet is also situated on a vaulted position on Raisina Hill in New Delhi. Composed of two symmetrical buildings aptly dubbed North Block and South Block and a Rajpath which stands at their axis, the venue also borders the President’s House known as Rashtrapati Bhavan in the native tongue. At first sight New Delhi’s Secretariat Building is an architectural marvel for the ages designed by none other than leading British architect of the era Herbert Baker who coincidentally also penned the design for the Pretoria Union Building. Demonstrating classic elements of Indo-Saracenic Revival style architecture the identical buildings on each side of the structure contain a thousand chambers each and contain four levels within its confines. Built almost entirely of Dholpur sandstone brought in from Rajasthan, the red hued building material is also believed to form the foundation of the twin structures with large corridors and spacious stairwells topped off with massive domes.

new delhi hotel Have A Glimpse Over Top Five Star Hotels In New Delhi Posted By: Cleantrip New, Delhi is national capital and one of the metro Politian cities, where huge number of people arrive daily. To provide them a perfect stay and accommodation the city is offering a wide range of luxury hotels wrapped with world class hospitality. Delhi is basically renowned for its tradition, culture and ancient history and is now also preferred for its industrialization, investment, and health resource. It is up with shopping malls, huge and large markets, monuments, historical places etc. The city is attracting many people with its charm from the past several decades. In the education sector also Delhi is considered to be lucky. People from different countries choose this city to accomplish their education and to do different specialization courses provided by universities and educational institutes. It is also a mother land of many celbs and Divas famous worldwide and often comes here. Delhi is a city where many national and international events and sports are held. People from all across the globe visit the city to take a tour of all those events. To provide a complete comfort to the guest, Delhi hotels have left no stone unturned.

Online Hotels Reservation System Posted By: Caleb There are numerous religious communities in India which contribute to the diversity and cultural richness of the country. Thus many of the most popular attractions in India are associated with various religions, many who consider the nation the hub of their faith. The Sikhs too have an important place in New Delhi, India, and this is the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. The Sikhs are a religious community that have flourished in India for over 500 years, and they frown upon concepts of caste systems, and anything that creates inequality among people. It is a righteous faith and this aura of virtue and goodness will be felt on visiting the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. This place of worship is a landmark in the city, and is well known for the large golden dome that stands tall over the surroundings. The design is fairly simple and elegant, and the complex houses a museum, a library, and even a secondary school. There is a pond on the premises that is of great importance and is the reason many pilgrims visit the temple.

new delhi hotel Total Comfort With Ease And Relaxation Posted By: Ashish The sound of rail running down in its track was the best thing that I would want to hear when I was a little kid and still it is the best thing that I want to hear in the present moment. Whenever the train used to run in its track or whenever I heard the train coming from far distance also I used to be so excited that I used to say my dad that’s Please let’s buy a train’s. Though I do not live in that area now but that fondness of the childhood has not been brainwashed, it is still alive as it was few years back. Life gave me another chance to hear the sound of the train in the busy schedule of mine. Today, I own the business of travel agency and travelling through planes was the normal routine for me but trains were not in my list to travel for as it takes much time than planes.

Hotels in New Delhi Posted By: Caleb India did not become one of the most glorious and exotic countries on the globe to visit overnight; the wonders that comprise the well loved nation today are fragments and developments of hundreds of years of history. Across this vast nation are several sites of great value, religious epicentres, ancient kingdoms and glorious palaces that attract visitors in the thousands. One such site located in Delhi, a favourite among the nation’s diverse cities, is the Purana Qila, or the Old Fort. The magnificent structure now lies in ruins, but it is preserved well enough to show the variety of styles that has gone into its design, from that of the Hindus to the Muslims to the Afghans. The landmark site in Delhi is reflective of a prominent period in Indian history. It was originally built by Humayun in the 1530’s and when this leader was overthrown by the Afghan King Sher Shah, the latter took over the fort and developed it further. The mosque this leader built on site is one of the most popular attractions here.

new delhi hotel Qutb Minar: The Victorious Tower Of Red Sandstone In Delhi Posted By: Auburn The Qutb Minar indeed has the stance of a proud soldier, stern and firm, in the face of victory. This tower of red sandstone and marble brushes shoulders with the tallest of its kind in the world and indeed marks a place in the history as a monument that denotes victory. Today it is renowned tourist attraction in Delhi and invariably grabs attention even from a distance while from its envious height, it offers a superb bird’s view of the city and a place to call out for prayers for Muslim people. The Qutb Minar does well to earn the title as the tallest minerat in India and has easily managed to become placed among the UNESCO world Heritage sites. With a height of 72.5 metres and a base that’s wide as 14.3 metres that gradually tapers in a conical shape to a top of about 2.7 metres, the tower that is probably the tallest individual tower in the world and surpassing even the tower of pisa is also a classic example of an architectural pattern originating from a mixture of Indo-Islami-Afghan culture. The tower owes its construction to Quutub AND ndash;

new delhi hotel Jain Temple – Discovering Jainism In New Delhi Posted By: Nelson India is a land that is entwined with religion and spirituality, in fact many of the world’s religions are thought to have originated on the Indian sub continent. Hinduism which is the main religion in India and other religions such as Jainism and Buddhism are thought to have originated from this country. Even with the religious customs and culture removed, India still remains a place to intense spirituality and prayer. Many travelers still flock to many ashrams here in search of a different lifestyle and to infuse a sense to completion into their lives. Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world; it advocates a path of compliance towards every living being and finally encourages the enhancement of the human soul towards a final liberation. Historians say that this religion was thought have been formed somewhere between the 9th and 6th century BC. Though Jainism is a minority religion with about six million followers in India, the principles of non-violence, self reliance and veganism have influenced Indian culture to a great extent.

new delhi hotel Joyful Sojourn At Four Star Hotels In Delhi Posted By: Pawan Panwar With your holidays are approaching closer, you start planning to travel to a majestic destination, something like Delhi. The heart of India boasts of everything that required for comfortable and unforgettable vacations. From ancient to modern times, the incredible city has given many memorable experiences to the people of the nation. Therefore, it has been a doyen when comes to the most visited tourist attractions of the country. In order to feel you relax during your trip, the four star hotels in Delhi provide their worldwide guests state-of-the-art accommodation arrangements. These are the chic properties that are blended with warm Indian hospitality and contemporary infrastructure, within their sprawling premises. These given below 4 star hotels in New Delhi are considered the best among such properties: The Royal Plaza Delhi The Royal Plaza is a stunningly decorated property in which the guests would surely have wonderful time to spend. It is beautifully nestled in Ashoka Road, Central Delhi, from where you can easily access to almost all the attractions of the capital city. Due to its wonderful location, this four-star hotel has been preferred by both the business and leisure travelers to organize professional or personal events, respectively.

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