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Press-Releases Buying golf equipment can be challenging at times. There are a wide range of equipment out there, and they include electric golf trolleys from popular brands such as Motocaddy, Powerhouse, Powakaddy, etc. Sometimes, it is not easy to make a buying decision due to the wide range of products available in the market. Buying the wrong electric golf trolley can cause many problems. The golfer may find that the trolley is not as functional as expected. Some are not built to last and break down easily. When such issues arise, they spoil the day for the golfer. So what are some features and characteristics to consider when buying golf trolleys? 1) Overall design. Electric golf trolleys can be built very differently. The design affects the overall performance of the trolley. For instance, some trolleys are lighter and are easier to maneuver on the golf course. When assessing the overall design of the trolley, golfers should pay attention to the frame of the product. Frames are made from different materials and pricing can differ greatly due to this difference. The trolley should come with detachable parts so that it can be taken apart and stored in the boot of the car. The digital control on the trolley allows the golfer to send a trolley in advance to the next tree. This feature is known as the Adjustable Distance Controller (ADC). Higher end models come with a remote control that allows the golfer to control the trolley hands free. These trolleys are equipped with GPS, and they tend to cost more than ordinary models. Different brands offer trolleys that come in different colors. The colors range from conservative black to flashy orange and red. Choice of colors will depend very much on individual preferences. 2) Battery packs. The trolleys come with battery packs. The type of battery that is used is very important because the battery affects the overall weight of the trolley, as well as the performance of the product. High quality battery packs are usually more expensive, but they take less time to charge and can last longer. They also tend to produce less noise. 3) Price. Finally, always compare prices to make sure that the trolley delivers enough value for the price that it commands. The new website contains valuable information on electric golf trolleys. Reviews are written on each model, and information regarding the above characteristics are generously provided. The information helps golfers come to a wise buying decision quickly. The website aims to become the number one trusted source of golf trolley information on the Internet. Hence, reviews that are published are completed honest and unbiased. To add more value to the site, a visitor will also be able to read other golf related information. For instance, besides golf trolley reviews, the website also publishes reviews on other products such as Golf GPS and Golf clothing. Golf news and other useful articles are also available on the website. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: