Nanjing to promote the transformation of the old monetary resettlement demolition take cash prize 20

Nanjing to encourage the rebuilding of the monetized resettlement demolition can take the cash prize 20% days ago, the general office of the Nanjing municipal government issued "on accelerating the shantytowns (dilapidated) reconstruction of the monetized resettlement opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Nanjing to promote the shantytowns (dilapidated) transformation of monetary resettlement, while increasing the proportion of monetary resettlement, the choice of monetary compensation and meet the conditions, given no more than 20% of the total real estate appraisal award. "Opinions" clear, the district government in the implementation of the housing levy on the state-owned land, expropriation, Zhiguangongfang tenant relocation within the contract period, only the choice of monetary compensation and abandon the purchase levy resettlement housing and affordable housing, can give no more than 20% of the total real estate appraisal award. Expropriation of collective land involved in housing compensation and resettlement work in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In the monetary compensation policy to support the tilt. "Opinions" put forward, in accordance with the "Notice of the Ministry of housing and urban construction, the National Development Bank on further strengthen the coordination with shantytowns loan funds" (build and 2014 No. 155) to apply the provisions of CDB loans, under the same conditions, the large proportion of the monetized resettlement project priority arrangements for the use of special loans to financial institutions. In addition, the opinions requirements, in accordance with government guidance, the principle of market operation, the district government to carry out the provision of ordinary commercial housing as a squatter resettlement housing services. Build a service platform through the establishment of information sharing mechanism, to guide the development of real estate enterprises to provide ordinary commodity housing into housing placement, entering service platform announced the availability of information, according to the choice of monetary compensation levy resettlement needs, encourage and guide the expropriation through the purchase of housing market. Encourage and guide the real estate business into the service platform, the purchase of ordinary commercial housing for the residents of shanty towns to give appropriate price concessions. The New District Park, within the scope of approval into the city’s plan project shantytowns, to encourage the development of policy. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original occupation of the villagers reconstruction funds discipline supervision accountability相关的主题文章: