Michelin again for the Asian GT Cup – Sohu automobile tire supply t6670

Michelin is racing again — GT series Asian GT cup supply tires – Asia’s top 2016 automobile Sohu moved to Shanghai International Speedway, on the 21 day the end of the ninth and the tenth round of the contest, BBT and Bentley respectively won the two absolute team wins. Michelin once again to establish a partnership with the event, as its exclusive tire partners, and start a new journey in May this year, with the combination of high performance tire shining stadium events. For Michelin, the sports car is the ultimate test of tire performance, also play a crucial role for the development of the civil tire. Tires must first be tested on various types of performance on the runway before they can be used by the public. Michelin motorsport attention and enthusiasm continues to create a variety of innovative technologies and competitive tire products. Di Yuechi, director of Michelin Asia Pacific motor racing, also said, "racing is developing rapidly, and Michelin is confident, especially in asia. Michelin hopes to provide the most competitive in the market for tire products at the same time, we share with the public for the sport and view of technological innovation. We would like to see the event as a full range of laboratory, the most extreme conditions can be tested in front of the tire technology." Michelin technology has been in various extreme breakthrough tires, including preheating, durability, developed high performance tire competitive, Michelin has been actively involved in the pursuit of the goal, from the sports car can be seen. The Asian GT series this year the final round will be held in Zhejiang China International Speedway, interested friends can chase the fans oh.   相关的主题文章: