Marriage and family made a good boss promised to send ten thousand at the end of the year (video)

Marriage and family have three companies in good boss promised to end the ten thousand Mister Li Cheng’s half of the year with two employees after divorce, the boss was very worried, he believes that business is not good, marriage and family, it will have a bad effect on the cause, even in an interview on the spot promised: "from the beginning of this year the marriage and family business, good at the end of the year, 10 thousand dollars a year, a review, said to do." Half two employees worry about divorce boss Li Cheng is a company near Nanping Wanda Plaza boss, over a half of this year, the company performance is also good, but personal problems of employees but let him fuck broken heart. From the beginning to the present, there are two employees have been divorced." Yesterday, in Li Cheng’s office, the reporter saw him. The two are investment managers, a 36 year old, married for about 4 years, away from; a year old, married for 3 years, but also from the. "I find that the impact of divorce on personal status, for example, nobody, slept very late, second days not to be late for it, no time to eat breakfast, in a hurry to go to work, when the effect of traffic jam, a day of work status and mood." Li Cheng said, if there is a wife and children back home is not the same, there is no entertainment to go home to eat, go to bed early, the second day full of spirit to work." "And I found out that they’ve been getting divorced and their luck has gone bad." For example, Li Cheng, a 36 year old investment manager Zou Peng (a pseudonym), divorce a half a year, beginning with a commercial real estate projects in Qianjiang, with half a year has been unable to recruit business, of course there are comprehensive reasons, but luck is on the one hand." Superstition!" Zou Peng retorted, this year the situation is not good, what is the relationship with my divorce." But Li Cheng said: "a great relationship, marriage and family will affect your whole spirit." After the divorce to be allowed just approved by Zou Peng told reporters that in October 31st, the monthly meeting, Li Cheng playfully stipulates: "after the divorce allowed just ah, not allowed to divorce without my approval!" All his colleagues set the whole room roaring with laughter. "This family building is very important!" The tea Li Chengbian said, he is 32 years old, a "family building", his colleagues called him "old cadres". "Veteran" Li Cheng has a very happy family, with his wife is home to arrange to know, but the first meeting two people see eye, love married for two years, in October this year, wife gave birth to children. "I am the happiest thing is to go home to eat, as long as there is no need for the day, I will go home. Eat a meal with my wife and children to go to bed, this life is very regular, second days work motivated, good mood, forming a virtuous circle, good ah." Li Cheng "education" his colleagues, the company a total of 7 people, the 4 married, the 2 divorced, the 1 unmarried. Then he said: "we set a rule, from the beginning of this year, the marriage and family management, at the end of each year issued 10 thousand dollars a year, an audit, how! Reporters here, as a witness, by the end of next year you are still good, I will send money, said to do." Expert the boss is a deputy general manager of Chongqing huntaway cute headhunting company…相关的主题文章: