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Live the Hornets is a morbid – Yunnan channel — original title: comment: live a beehive is a morbid popular anchor can Chuiladanchang or giggle and flirt on the screen? Wrong! In order to suck the powder, some people do crazy things. The day before, a 29 year old boy in Dazu District of Chongqing city in order to live more fire risk to the hornets. (October 9th Chongqing Evening News) stabbed the horse honeycomb, the consequences can be imagined. No, the bold anchor was stung into the intensive care unit. As the saying goes "the tiger’s ass can not be touched, similarly, also not poke a hornet’s nest, the anchor may not understand this truth, but not aware of the dangers of the Hornets, but" that Tiger Mountain "," he is undeterred, such "fearless" and "brave" it is nothing but to a "name" and a "benefit", is a kind of morbid. With the name, nature will see Li, stung the anchor live account management for more than 3 months, each month can earn more than 3000 yuan, but if fans soared, income certainly more than this. So, in order to become famous in order to earn more money, some give up the bottom line and the anchor line, not only more willing to take life to curry favour by claptrap, beat the Hornets, live it xianguaibuguai. In fact, live on the platform looking a lot, but more people giggle and flirt vulgar, vulgar to be struck dumb, "torture" to please the audience, this is not what is ill? Let the horse horse honeycomb morbid live a little less, at least need to work in three links: first, the anchor must have a certain consciousness, set the bottom line for their own live, set up their own unique style, to attract powder, but can not go to extremes. The second is to strengthen the supervision of broadcast platform, let live platform no longer live appropriately raise the dragons and fishes jumbled together, the access threshold, to eliminate the vulgar vulgar vulgar content, to achieve the purpose of red powder. Finally, the audience and fans should be rational, for the spoof nature of the live, for desperately brush live, as much as possible to resist, rather than encourage and support, so that live broadcast more healthy and good-looking. Live broadcast horse honeycomb, in order to become popular, regardless of life, which reflects the network red industry is sick, with "disease" must be treated early, I hope this "live" live broadcast can alert more people. (Gao Yongwei) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)

直播捅马蜂窝也是种病态–云南频道–人民网 原标题:评论:直播捅马蜂窝也是种病态   走红的主播都能在屏幕上吹拉弹唱或搔首弄姿?错!为了吸粉,有人会干出疯狂的事。日前,重庆市大足区一名29岁小伙子为了让直播更火,冒险去捅马蜂窝。(10月9日《重庆晚报》)   捅马蜂窝,后果可想而知。这不,这位“胆大”的主播直接就被蜇进了重症监护室。   俗话说“老虎的屁股摸不得”,同样的道理,马蜂窝也捅不得,这位主播未必不懂这样的道理,更不会不知道捅马蜂窝的危险,可是“明知山有虎”,他却“偏向虎山行”,如此这般的“无畏”和“勇敢”,无非就是为了一个“名”字和一个“利”字,是一种病态。   有了名自然也就见了利,被蜇的这位主播直播账号经营了3个多月,每个月能赚3000多元,可是如果粉丝猛涨,收入肯定不止于此。于是,为了扬名也为了赚更多的钱,一些主播放弃了底线和下线,不仅哗众取宠,更不惜拿命去搏,直播捅马蜂窝也就见怪不怪了。   事实上,直播平台上的怪状多多,除了搔首弄姿的低俗,更有让人瞠目结舌的恶俗,以“折磨”自己去取悦观众,这不是病态又是什么?   让捅马蜂窝的病态直播少一点,至少需要在三个环节下功夫:首先是需要主播有一定的自觉,为自己设定直播的底线,树立自己独特的风格,要吸粉但不能走上极端。其次是要加强对直播平台的监管,让直播平台不再鱼龙混杂,适当提高直播的准入门槛,杜绝以低俗恶俗庸俗的内容,来达到吸粉走红的目的。最后是观众和粉丝要理性,对于恶搞性质的直播,对于拼命刷存在的直播,要尽可能地抵制而非鼓励和支持,从而让直播更为健康和好看。   直播捅马蜂窝,为了走红不顾性命,这折射出的也是网红行业的病态,有了“病”肯定要早点治疗,但愿这次“要命”的直播能够警醒更多人。(高永维)    (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: