Let’s talk about it! Jiaxing network opinion about the car management rules for public-footman

Let’s talk about it! Jiaxing network about the car management rules for public comment in everybody’s time and again, north of Guangzhou Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places have introduced a new network about cars, more netizen Beijing, the new policy network about cars if introduced, probably to unmarried young women’s welfare. 2016 who can think of, destruction Jiayuan, Lily network is actually a taxi drops! 10 12 April morning, Jiaxing Municipal Transportation Bureau held a news conference, released about the car network management rules (Draft), and to the public for comments. The car owners are most concerned about the network of about 1, about car drivers and vehicles shall meet the following conditions: (a) in the city to obtain business license online car platform company agreed to access its operation; (two) the Zhejiang F license; (three) the car is not over 4 years of age, the mileage of not more than 30 thousands of meters; (four) the technical rating of the vehicle reaches a level; (five) the fuel car vehicle purchase tax minimum tax price of not less than 100 thousand yuan, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2600mm, the vehicle purchase tax is the lowest tax price in 150 thousand yuan of above is not restricted by the standard of the vehicle parameters; new energy vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2600mm the new energy power, pure state mileage of not less than 250km; (six) with compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, liability insurance carriers and other vehicles operating related insurance; (seven) with the installation of vehicle satellite recording function Emergency alarm device, positioning device, vehicle satellite positioning device meets the requirements of "road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal technology" (JT T 794) application in the net about car drivers operating services, in accordance with the "Interim Measures" provisions of the conditions, should also meet the following conditions: (a) with the city accounts or non residence in the city but in this city have made "residence in Zhejiang province" and the city’s social security in payment and has continuous payment of more than two years, except has made the city’s taxi driver qualification in the prior to the date of publication of the Association; (two) does not exceed the statutory retirement age; (three) no significant over the traffic accident in the last 3 years; (four) in the last 3 years no road transport illegal business 2 times and above; (five) engaged in the car rental service parade, nearly 3 years of service quality credit assessment The results were grade A and above; (six) there was no cancellation or revocation of the qualification of taxi drivers in the past 3 years. Finally, the long-awaited new deal came out, in fact, what we want is just a taxi more convenient and fast, of course, safety is the premise!

你来说说看!嘉兴网约车管理细则公开征求意见在大伙儿的千呼万唤之中,北上广杭州重庆等地都出台了网约车的新政,更有网友打趣北京,网约车新政策如果出台,可能是给未婚单身女青年的福利。2016谁能想到,毁灭世纪佳缘、百合网的竟然是滴滴打车!10月12日上午,嘉兴市运管局召开新闻发布会,公布网约车管理细则(征求意见稿),并向社会公开征求意见。其中网约车车主最关心的1、网约车车辆和驾驶员应符合下列条件:(一)在本市取得经营许可的网约车平台公司同意其接入经营;(二)本市浙F牌照;(三)车龄不超过4年,行驶里程不超过30万千米;(四)车辆技术等级达到一级;(五)燃油车车辆购置税最低计税价格不低于10万元,车辆轴距不小于2600mm,车辆购置税最低计税价格在15万元以上的不受上述车辆参数标准限制;新能源车车辆轴距不小于2600mm,纯新能源动力状态下续航里程不低于250km;(六)具有交强险、第三方责任险、承运人责任险等营运车辆相关保险;(七)安装具有行驶记录功能的车辆卫星定位装置、应急报警装置,车辆卫星定位装置符合《道路运输车辆卫星定位系统 车载终端技术要求》(JT T 794)申请从事网约车运营服务的驾驶员,除符合《暂行办法》规定的条件外,还应符合以下条件:(一)具有本市户口,或非本市户籍但在本市已取得《浙江省居住证》及本市社保在缴且已连续缴纳两年以上,在本细则发布之日前已取得本市出租汽车驾驶员从业资格的除外;(二)不超过法定退休年龄;(三)近3年内无重大以上交通责任事故;(四)近3年内无道路运输违法经营行为2次及以上;(五)从事过巡游出租汽车服务的,近3年内服务质量信誉考核结果为A级及以上;(六)近3年内无被注销或撤销出租汽车驾驶员从业资格的记录。终于,期待已久的新政出来了,其实我们想要的,只是打车更加方便快捷,当然,安全是前提!相关的主题文章: