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Jay Chou intends to enter the furnace stone circle is to build transmission hearthstone team Sina furnace stone legend area Jay Chou playing the game thing, we all know, friends broke the news that Jay Chou during the recording of China song sound often lead the students to play games all night. Jay Chou in order to recruit talent industry team is pretty fight, organized by the J team in the league "hero" field of play fast. Although ultimately missed the S6 finals, but still in a variety of games show a good strength. Jay Chou has also been on various occasions for the J clan hard crying. Recently, there is news that Jay Chou intends to get involved in hearthstone legend, is planning to build the strongest team, and the captain is a sister! Jay Chou obsessed with gaming clan Lu Jay Chou in addition to the "hero alliance" endorsements and theme song, also in April this year through the acquisition of Taipei star hero alliance known clan assassination team TPA, re integration to create "hero alliance" gaming "J team", and served as captain of the J team. Jay Chou to the hero alliance, as well as the identity of China’s heavy players debut league stage, showing a good strength. And then he created the theme song for the League of heroes. Some analysts have pointed out that this will be another way out of the main industry Jay Chou singing. Today, Jay Chou will turn to the global fire stove Legend game, intends to spend most of the formation of the surface of the strongest clan hearthstone legend distribution, the name of the team tentatively scheduled for JTeam, referred to as JT. Hearthstone legend JTeam is the predecessor of new forces have a clan hearthstone enthusiasts, originally called wins at team captain Azshara is a integral adorable girl holding a carnival. Team members have been active in the field of big games, some of which are topped nance champion. For example, Shanghai Open champion Betray, Golden League and golden autumn race open professional group champion omegazero Chengdu Railway Station, the summer season in the Golden League Xhope and other deities are ever in the team played. The once unknown online team, after a long, low profile careers, combined vertical and horizontal finally accumulate steadily. More than half a year of hard work, has accumulated a lot of team experience. Not only absorb a lot of great lakes, the team also successfully transferred from the line to the next line, and in Shanghai established training base. Team members not only in the gold series of stars, and the team members also have the second half of the 2016 season WCA world cyber games S3 stage, games g League, imbatvi League, 18183kml League, CTL League, a league team, Beijing and other large nest NEA contest hearthstone tournament qualification. After getting the J team funding support, will achieve greater success in team building, the rapid growth of a new force to challenge the current furnace stone circle. It is said that Jay Chou will hold a press conference at the appropriate time in the near future, announced the establishment of J clan hearthstone legend branch. Strive to build the strongest team of Jay Chou surface menacing, which has been originally by four furnace.相关的主题文章: